Arist:Humut Tabal / Plutonian Shore
Country:United States
Release date:08/08/2011
Label:The Dread Lair

Oaths ov Stygian Dusk

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  • 1.
    Plutonian Shore - Unicursal Meditation01:38
  • 2.
    Humut Tabal - Smiting the Peons05:44
  • 3.
    Plutonian Shore - To Conjure Goetic Spirits03:53
  • 4.
    Humut Tabal - Ode to Misanthropy - This I Swear07:59

The Review

Two bands from the U.S.A. join forces and they release the split album, “Oaths ov Stygian Dusk”. These bands are Plutonian Shore and Humut Tabal which offer two tracks each in an album that contains for tracks of about eighteen minutes of duration. Plutonian Shore were formed in 2010, they consist of four members and they have released one demo, two splits, one split dvd and two full length albums. Humut Tabal were formed in 2009, they also consist of four members and they have released one full length album, this split and a split dvd. Musically, the two bands play European Black Metal with cold and harsh sound but there are distinct differences between them or to be more exact, between the tracks that they offer in this album.

The split begins with an atmospheric instrumental introduction of Plutonian Shore, with ambient elements that it doesn’t have much interest. Their second track is a very nice, mid – tempo, epic track with cold sound and intense feeling. The guitars deliver the awesome riffs perfectly, while the bass and the drums fill the sound very well but without doing anything more. The vocals are harsh, typical Black Metal vocals, cold and full of feeling. The production is quite harsh but without making the listen difficult, whereas the mix is quite good.

The tracks of Humut Tabal are faster, straightforward and hostile, with more Thrash influences, they clearly belong in the European – Scandinavian Black Metal. Both tracks are fast, chaotic, with very interesting riffs and good structure which doesn’t make you bored despite the big duration of the tracks. The guitars are distorted but fits with the style of the compositions. The bass is impressive both because of its devastating sound and its violent lines. Also, concerning the drums, they have done a good job with nice passages, turnings and changes. The vocals are very powerful, harsh, raw, possessed Black Metal vocals. The production is very harsh and dirty, so that many times the sound comes out quite dirty and muddy. Concerning the mix, the band wanted to leave the recording untouched, so the sound is like it was recorded live. However it absolutely fits to the compositions’ style.

Even by the few tracks of the split, it seems that both band have potential, interesting ideas and will to work. The compositions are so interesting that the problem with the sound is at last unnoticed. I believe that it is a release to get to know the bands, their sound and to catch your attention. They succeeded to catch my attention and I suggest you to give them a chance because they deserve your interest.