Arist:Inconcessus Lux Lucis
Country:United Kingdom
Release date:08/05/2012
Label:Nomos Dei Productions

Severed From Sephiroth

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  • 1.
    The Turning of the Keys01:53
  • 2.
    ...So into Glorious Darkness I May Delve11:16
  • 3.
    Severed from Sephiroth11:49

The Review

This is the second release by Inconcessus Lux Lucis, a band consisted by two members who come from the United Kingdom, they exist since 2006 and they have released a demo in 2009 and the EP “Severed From Sephiroth” some months ago (May 2012). This album contains two tracks and an introduction which successfully creates the occult scenery where they want the listener to travel during the next two tracks. The duration of the album is about twenty five minutes, while the music of the album is quite far from what I imagined when listening to the intro. In the following tracks, the band plays simple, quite harsh, straightforward Black Metal without the magic atmosphere that someone would have been expecting by hearing the intro.

I don’t hide that I was quite disappointed in the beginning because the music of Inconcessus Lux Lucis wasn’t that atmospheric, occult, chaotic Black Metal I was expecting. However the album has some interesting moments. The riffs are simplistic and straightforward with variety concerning the rhythm, sometimes they create a mysterious atmosphere, while the band had in mind the ideas to have much variety and not to be repeated in the same track again and again. Well that doesn’t mean that every idea is inspired and interesting, so there are some interesting riffs and some just indifferent. The tracks are long in duration but their structure is good and they don’t overwhelm the listener. The guitars are very distorted, the bass too, that in quite many parts the sound is so dirty and noisy that becomes annoying. The drums have some interesting lines but generally they are not anything special, while their sound is quite empty. The vocals are harsh Black Metal vocals, they deliver the tracks very well and they fit to the compositions.

In my opinion, the most important disadvantage of the album is the production and the mix. The sound comes out too bassy and dirty creating a noise which is annoying. Generally the sound of the recording is a little better than the sound of a rehearsal. Maybe the band wanted the sound to be so harsh, as the compositions by their nature demand that kind of sound, but at the level that it is, it becomes annoying and the atmosphere that is created by some riffs, is lost. The lyrics are written in English and they deliver you in an occult situation between reality and magic.

This album isn’t bad, it moves into mediocrity. The sound is bad and there are some indifferent moments as there are some interesting parts too but they can’t put the album out of mediocrity. However there are samples of their talent both in the tracks structure, in some riffing and in the lyrics. Maybe with some more work and attention their next release may interest us more. As about “Severed From Sephiroth”, listen to it only all those of you who are looking for everything of that kind of sound.