Arist:Inexorable End
Release date:22/05/2015
Label:Equinox Discos
Limitation:150 copies

Voices of a Frozen Heart

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  • 1.
    Voices of a Frozen Heart07:06
  • 2.
    In Life...04:49
  • 3.
    The Meaning of a Gaze (Fallen Leaves and Thorns)06:07
  • 4.
    Voces de un corazón helado07:06
  • 5.
    En la vida...04:49
  • 6.
    El desafío de una mirada (hojarasca y espino)06:07

The Review

Inexorable End is a new three-member band from Spain, it was formed in 2013 and they have released until today two demos and one split album. The band although it is quite new, two out of the three members of the band come from Atman. Those of you who don’t know Atman, it is one of the oldest Black Metal bands of Spain, active since 1992. Although, personally I don’t have a good opinion about Atman, the fact that this project is being supported by people with the experience into the underground Black Metal scene, it at least can cause to the fans a high level of curiosity about the result of this effort.

“Voices of a Frozen Heart” is their second demo which contains three tracks, that you will find them in two versions, one in English and one in Spanish lyrics, and they last for about eighteen minutes. Musically, the band present us a heavy, dark and violent Black Metal sound, mainly with barbaric, fast riffs. There are quite heavy, rhythmic, more Death passages and the more melodic parts ones which are trying to break the monotony of the compositions. This is their big problem. The three tracks that they present, have no difference the one from the other. It is like you are listening to one long track with very few parts that are distinguished. Even some good ideas that they have, are lost inside the useless repetition of the same, tedious patterns. The structure of the tracks does not help, as the changes are very few and the monotony becomes quite tedious.

The instruments have a quite good performance. The guitars are those which are distinguished and they rule into the compositions. Their sound is harsh and heavy, while into some parts it becomes dirty. The bass has been lost into the mixture and it is absolutely inaudible, something that has affected the sound as it is somewhat flat without the appropriate depth. The drums are played with accuracy and a lot of power, but their lines are quite repetitive. The vocals are heavy Black/Death vocals quite expressive, they add power and some interest to the compositions, but for sure without achieving to save them. The production is heavy but quite clean. The mixture is mediocre as the bass is entirely lost, the drums are quite fuzzy and you can’t distinguish their lines throughout the entire duration of the track. The lyrics are written both in English and in Spanish but they are not contained into the cd that I received and I don’t know what they refer to.

The second effort of Inexorable End does not offer much to the listener. As much as they have tried, they haven’t managed to avoid the monotonous compositions and the almost uninspired riffing. I don’t know if the fans of the sound that I described would find something mentionable into this album. Surely though I won’t listen to it again in the future and I suggest you to listen to something else.