Release date:21/12/2012
Label:New Era Productions

Non De Hac Terra

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  • 1.
    Non de Hac Terra06:17
  • 2.
    The Opponent05:57
  • 3.
    Reginam Aeternum Noctis06:01
  • 4.
    Beyond the Stars...05:14
  • 5.
    The Grey Stone Monument05:11
  • 6.
    Onwards the Funeral Pyre06:09
  • 7.
    Unholy Sacrament05:28
  • 8.
    The Inevitable Darkness08:16

The Review

Infinity from the Netherlands is one of those bands that although they were formed during the ’90ies and more specifically in 1995, they were more active during the ’00s. They consist of two members, as Andras, the guitarist of the band, left the band recently, and they have released until today two demos and five full length albums. “Non De Hac Terra” is their fifth full length album which was released in December of 2012 and it contains eight compositions of about fifty minutes of duration. The very beautiful cover, the artwork in the booklet and the photos of the band reminded me of the ‘90ies’ style and I assumed that that style I would also find in their music and I wasn’t wrong. The music of the album is like it was written during the second half of the ’90ies with some influences from the Scandinavian scene while their love for Absu is conspicuous from the first to the last track.

The riffs follow the motif of Absu, that is beautiful, epic riffs alternate with fast, warlike and thrash riffs while there are also some acoustic, more atmospheric passages. The tracks lasts for about six minutes each and generally their structure is very good, the variety of the riffs and the changes inside the tracks make the compositions very interesting, except one or two tracks which seems to last a little longer than they should resulting in the unnecessary repetition of some parts. However that doesn’t affect the quality of the album. The guitars deliver the riffs and the feelings of the compositions perfectly. Unfortunately the lines of the bass can’t be heard clearly but they fill the sound well while the drums are very technical and their lines are very interesting, they reminded me of the drums of Absu.

The vocals are harsh Black Metal vocals which seem like a mixture of Proscriptor of Absu with Abbath of Immortal, they are expressive and they fit to the style of the compositions. The production is clean, a little bassy, it puts out a very massive and powerful sound. The mix is very good as all instruments can be heard clearly without the one covering the other, except the bass that although it fills the sound well, its lines can’t be heard clearly. The lyrics are contained in the cd and they are written in English and they deal with occultism, magic, the dark side of the gods of Egypt, of the stars and generally with the ancient evil.

Unfortunately I haven’t listened to any of the previous releases of Infinity and judging by “Non De Hac Terra” I should have. The album, without having anything original, through its obvious and heavy influences, mainly from Absu, surely it shows personality and it offers a very nice and interesting journey back to the ’90ies. Certainly, those who miss the sound of the ’90ies will love this album. The album satisfied me and I suggest to all the fans of Black Metal at least to listen to it. Buy without fear.