Kult of Taurus (Greece) 26/03/2014

Their first full length album has shown personality and good ideas, a very good work coming from the Hellenic Black Metal scene which, for the last few years, offers constantly new remarkable works. Like that, a good start for the music journey Kult of Taurus has been done that although I don’t know if it will be long, I think though that it will be for sure notable. So, it is a good opportunity to meet the band and get some information about the members that participate in Kult of Taurus. I talked with Sarpedon, the singer and one of the two founding members of the band.
1. Hails Sarpedon. Thanks for the interview. Firstly would you like to give me some information about your journey into music until now? How did you decide to begin? Explain to me the history of your name.
Sarpedon: Kult of Taurus were created in 2007 by me and Sythanagon. Sharing the same ideological approach we began to work on the first tracks. By watching a personal style regarding the riffs of Sythanagon I suggested to go deeper into the philosophical part of the band when at that moment I was involved with the Minoan civilisation and mythology. So we came up with the name too, which continues to express the band through the deep symbolism of the taurus highlighting at the same time the spiritual side of us. After the addition of the rest of the members (Platon) several demo and experimentation attempts were made (2 demos, 1 split) leading us to Divination Labyrinths.
2. You are active since 2007. After 7 years do you think that you have made steps forward? Are you satisfied by the evolution of the band and by your personal evolution as a musician?
Sarpedon: We are devoted to our cause and we never rest. Everything else does not matter.
3. Divination Labyrinths is my first contact with the band. I have to tell you that the work that you have done for the album is very good. Do you want to give me some information about the album, the composing, the recording and generally the entire procedure of its creation?
Sarpedon: The composing of the album began in late 2009 and it was completed in early 2011. In this long period surely the change of our drummer came up, the search of a replacement and finally 2-3 attempts of recording which were thrown away as we weren’t 100% satisfied by the result. Despite all these, we were working on various subjects as the visual and various details for the best deliverance of our vision. Not to say much, the album was recorded in 2012 in various studios and was given to Vicotnik with who we were in contact every day until its completion.
4. The production of the album has been done by Vicotnik. How did that collaboration become reality? Are you satisfied by the result and generally by the cooperation?
Sarpedon: We simply sent him an email, and from that point unending discussions began about the vision that we had and about what we wanted to achieve. For sure we are satisfied either way we wouldn’t release it. We are not a band which is interested in some "cheap" advertisement based on the name of the producer. That’s why we didn’t mention him but just after the official announcement of Forever plagued Records.
5. Your sound brought to my mind Dodheimsgard. Is DHG one of your influences? Which other bands or musical genres do you think that have influenced your sound?
Sarpedon: We are influenced by artists and bands with substance, from a various spectrum of music. Surely DHG is one of the above. What we create though comes from inside of us and the rule round which we always will move is us and our inner world combined with other things outside of music.
6. Another part of the album that I liked a lot is the lyrics. Would you like to tell me some things about them? How do you get inspired to write them and what do you want to express through them?
Sarpedon: My lyrics are the result of my personal experience, knowledge and thoughts over the path I have chosen. On the contrary to other bands, I don’t just limit myself to write "pre-made" lyrics taken from books that I read. This specific album regarding the lyrics marks for me the inner wake of the conscious and from then on the procedure of ascension. So this is the procedure that I chose to symbolize the labyrinth because they are few those who will manage to find the exit and open the gates to liberation.
7. How were the responses of the people and the press for your new album? Are you satisfied or did you expect anything different?
Sarpedon: Until now from the press the responses were positive, but it is not something that would trouble me though.
8. Have you begun to write material for your next release? When do you plan to have it ready? Do you want to give me some information about your new material? Will it be in the same style as Divination Labyrinths?
Sarpedon: At the moment we are recording our next album but I don’t want to say anything more. Everything will be revealed in time.
9. Would you like to tell me about your cooperation with Forever Plagued Records? The appearance of the cd, I mean the booklet and generally the artwork is very good. Did the label helped you with the overall production of the album or their responsibility was only the “cutting” of the cd? Are you satisfied by their support and by the promotion they do for you?
Sarpedon: Forever Plagued Records is loyal to the genre that it serves and it has supported us a lot. The cover was created by our guitarist Bile, and the layout was made by Ra.design under our guidance. As you understand the -visual- part is equally of much importance to us and we can’t leave such things to the hands of others.
10. By what I know, you leave in Thessaloniki, correct? By the few times I have come to there, I ended up to the conclusion that the crowd there may be smaller but much more devoted and fanatic with Metal. Is that correct? How strong is Black Metal in Thessaloniki?
Sarpedon: It doesn’t concern us. We are doing what we do and from then on we don’t beg any "scene" or "fans". We let others to do these.
11. The last few years Greece is in an economic situation very bad. Do you think that this is harming the Metal scene too? How much has influenced you this situation?
Sarpedon: From when does art have the need of money? If someone wants to create, he will find the way to do so and then his value will shine. No need explaining the self-explanatory.
12. By reading this answer I really got angry and I had to answer. This is my answer: “Art, as history has shown and proved uncountable times, it is connected with unbreakable bounds with the economic prosperity of a society. So when someone gives the answer above, ether he is not a member of that society ether he lives in his own world. An artist needs to pay for the studio and the rehearsals, to pay for the recording and all those needed for the release of an album but even more to have satisfied his basic needs (food, house etc). So in a society that economic prosperity does not exist, hardly a musician who is not funded will achieve to offer what he wants to. In my opinion, the great artists are those who live in their time with the problems of their society and not those who have that indifferent attitude of a rock star.”What is your opinion about the Black Metal scene of Greece? Are you in contact or cooperation with bands from the scene? Are there any that you support and would like to suggest me?
Sarpedon: I like a lot of bands from Greece, but I am in contact with very few of them and those I respect and I support know which they are. I don’t recognize any scene of any country but only individual bands.
13. The band plays in concerts. Do you have scheduled any live gigs for the promotion of the new album and if yes where?
Sarpedon: Our performances are rare, we prefer it that way. Until now we don’t have arranged anything but when we do, we will announce it.
14. Would you like to sum up the near future plans of the band and to say something for the ending of the interview?
Sarpedon: We are recording our next album and for now we are devoted to that. Thanks a lot for the interest.