Last Funeral (Serbia) 15/08/2012

Last Funeral with the release of their album “Incipient Grim”, they attracted my attention with their awesome sound. So I contacted Milos, bass player, vocalist and lyrics’ writer, in order to get more information about this four-member band from Serbia and about its members. Milos in a very good mood answered all of my questions concerning the past, the present and the future of Last Funeral.
1. Hello Milos, thanks for the interview. I’ve been searching the internet for some time in order to find information about Last Funeral but I only discovered that you are from Serbia and that you have released a demo in 2005 apart from “Incipient Grim”. Could you give me more information about the band (members, date of creation etc.)?
Milos: You're most welcome friend big hello, first of all I want to thank you for your interest in our band. Yes we recorded a demo in 2005 titled "Enrapture the mortality" self-released but I will talk about it later, now let’s get to the point time to reveal the whole story of the band. In 2003 I founded the band with three friends from high school, we were called ’’Agarvain’’ rough translation ’’Covered in blood’’ later changed name into ’’Last Funeral“ at this time we were looking for a drummer and later in 2004, we completed the band, entered the studio and start practice, of course over the time there have been some changes in the band, the main problem was differences in opinions and the way in which the band will move in the future, or simply they didn’t care about the band anymore. We were foolish young boys who had the desire to create something new and creative. In 2005 we entered my friend’s studio and we recorded couple of songs low budget but still they sound decent. Line up for that album Vocals: Brko, Lead guitar: Ivan, Rhythm guitar: Evl, Bass: Coldchaos and Drums: Johny. After that demo, problems didn’t leave band so Evl, Coldchaos and Johny stepped from the crew in hope to create their own band. Ivan and I took a little brake from music, after three months the place of drummer was taken by my friend Marko, who expressed his desire to play with us, he suggested to me that the band must come together again and find new people to work. Soon, i invited two friends who were playing in a heavy metal band called sentinel (rip). In 2006 we recorded promo album later called ‘’Incipient Grim’’. We didn’t had money so we recorded all instruments in my room except vocals which were recorded in friend’s studio. Marko mixed the album over the night, so there were present a few mistakes in volume of bass and drums but at the end nobody cares it was clean production. Line up for that album Vocals: Brko, Lead guitar: Ivan, Rhythm guitar: Bane, Bass: G, and drums: Marko. In 2007 G leaves the band because of some personal problems .Bass player place was taken by me so we finally completed that perfect circle. With this line up we played until 2009 we separated are paths, Marko moved away to another city in hope for better life, me and Ivan started to play pop music hahaha and Bane i don’t know I think he started working on something else. But still we are active, it’s easy to find session players for live! Approximately that’s the whole story.
2. Do you or any of the other members participate in other bands? Do you want to tell me more about that?
Milos: Yep we have other bands, in 2007 I started one man band ’’The Secret Art’’ composing Gothic classical baroque oriented music on harpsichord, cathedral organs and other antique instrument from different cultures fused with dark ambient atmospheres, it’s a quite successful project. First album ’’Seduced by the beauty of the night’’ was released in 2009 by ’’Inchiostrum records’’ from Italy, later in 2011 reissued by ’’Dark scene records’’ from Serbia and ’’Tornfleshrecords’’ from Portland USA. Second album will be finished soon and released at the end of 2012. Ivan had some band projects, talekeeper or something similar, he usually plays neoclassic on guitar similar style like Yngwie Malmsteen, we played together in ’’Aurora’’ (pop, rock oriented band). Bane he played in Sentinel cover band, style of play I think something like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest in vein of old heavy metal and rock bands. Marko played drums in Defilement (brutal death metal), Vocals in Analizator (grind core satirical band), now I think he plays drums in Light denied (death metal).
3. Recently you released “Incipient Grim”, a very interesting album. How do you get inspired to write music? Describe me the process of composing your music?
Milos: Huh tough one question, I am not sure? maybe the money crisis in our country, youth rebellion, freedom of speech and thoughts, nature inner strength, everything that surround us. Ivan is to blame he is master mind on music, 90% of music are his part, mine are lyrics and bass other members fill their parts and that’s the winning formula.
4. Your music combines elements from different genres of Metal. Which bands or music styles do you think have influenced you? How would you describe your music and in which genre would you categorize Last Funeral?
Milos: All four member have different influences and taste of music, from there is created our symbiotic sound. Main influences King Diamond, first wave of black metal, old heavy rock bands, classical music, abstract art. I don’t like to categorize music but in this case we play black/death/psychedelic metal.
5. Unfortunately I couldn’t find your lyrics. You write in English, is that correct? Do you want to tell me about what you are talking in your lyrics and what is that you want to express through them?
Milos: You are fully correct, all the lyrics were written in English language, mostly in lyrics main themes are, death nature of man and his psychic fears and expectations and little paganism. Through them I express the state of the world allegorical.
6. I saw on the tape that “Incipient Grim” is recorded in 2007. Why it took you so long to release it?
Milos: To be precise ‘’Incipient grim’’ was recorded in July 2006, (2007) is typing mistake. We didn’t care very much about to issue album, we were more focused on gigs, live performances and music composition only. If wasn’t for ‘’Mortis humanaea production’’ from France and their interest this albums would kiss oblivion, respect to them.
7. Are you working all these years on new material? When will it be released? Give me some information about the new compositions.
Milos: We have one song that would be a hit haha, but that will wait for next year, because I must buy new pair of speakers and new sound card for better production. We are planning, one Ep or single that’s the future thing for now.
8. Are you satisfied by the support and promotion of Mortis Humanae? Do you plan to collaborate with them again for a future release?
Milos: I can’t talk about it too much, because we are at the beginning of are beautiful friendship, we are fully satisfied with the work of label, I think I have achieved great contact between us and the leading man in the label, sure we will collaborate with them in the future. I wish they could bring our band in their beautiful France for some mini tour we need only them to pay us travel expenses, nothing more. Meh we will see…
9. Do you play live? In how many gigs have you played and where?
Milos: Yes we play live! We had many gigs but only across the Serbia, we love playing in front of people. They say we sound better live that the studio recordings. We played with Brazilian ‘’Ophiolatry’’ Romanian ’’Vokodlok’’ and many more… Some shows were canceled by cities authorities because of drunk bastards and their fights.
10. What kind of music do you listen to?
Milos: Everything that posses quality , no borders in genres.
11. Unfortunately, Serbian Black Metal is totally unknown to me. How is the scene there? Is there a strong underground? Do you want to suggest me any bands from Serbia (old or new) that I must check out?
Milos: We had good black metal underground from 2000 to 2009 but all is lost thanx to greedy, non cooperative and so smart metalers and bands, irony, human complexes destroyed everything, believe me. I don’t want to suggest no one just go to ‘’Youtube’’ and type ‘’Serbian black metal’’ something will pop up eventually.
12. What do you think about religion? Does this word mean something to you or you care more about earthly-human stuff?
Milos: Four words: ‘’Opium for the masses’’. Religion is only tool for seduction of young and stupid people, that’s their choice not my cup of tea, somehow I survived the indoctrination of brain. I do not believe in false deities and religions that come from the Middle East, they destroyed our countries quite enough.
13. What do you do apart from music? How did you meet with the other members of the band?
Milos: I worked as chemist in some laboratories, now I’m concentrated on music production. I like sports, parties, everything that ‘’normal’’ human would do, I am living peaceful life. We met mainly in high school, gigs, some parties through friends etc…
14. Have you ever visited Greece? Are there any fans from Greece that like your music and have contacted you?
Milos: Sorry I never been to Greece, I had a plane for this year to visit Greece land of goods, but unfortunately all the money must go in home studio. I know your country is struggling in some economic crisis like Serbia in 90’s so please don’t let your and stronger countries politicians to destroy your beautiful Greece.
15. Do you want to sum up your near future plans and add anything for conclusion?
Milos: In the near future I need to find some job to earn some money to finish home studio, nothing more. Wish everybody to ‘’Live long and prosperous’’, and of course contact Humanaea production and buy Last Funeral album, you won’t be disappointed. Thanx for your time cheers mate!!!