Release date:01/01/1994
Label:Wounded Love Records

Demonic Hellhounds

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  • 1.
    Demonic Hellhounds (Haunters of My Soul…)04:36
  • 2.
    Murmuring Storms03:56
  • 3.
    Follow Their Traces……01:00

The Review

Here we deal with one of the first and most historical releases of the Greek Black Metal scene. Lemegethon was formed in 1991, with the first wave of Black in Greece, and it was an one-man band. This EP follows the first two demos of the band, the one in 1992 and the other in 1993, in which three tracks are presented.

The first track is slow-tempo, moving through the same motif with some technical mistakes especially in drums. The guitars and the bass are good creating a horror atmosphere which you will meet only in a release of that era. The second track is a lot faster than the first. There are no mistakes in the drums here, the guitars are fast and they remind the Norwegian scene but they have the atmosphere and the character of the Greek scene. The third track is an outro. The vocals in the two tracks don’t remind of Black vocals. It’s more like a whisper. Although it is in the frontline and in some parts it becomes annoying, it matches the atmosphere of the tracks absolutely. The lyrics are about Satanism and occultism. In general this EP is very interesting.

In conclusion, I think that it doesn’t matter at all to analyze the technique or the mistakes which might exist. Everyone must listen to this and to similar releases of that era because they created the sound and personality that established the TRUE Greek Black Metal movement. Respect…