Lutomysl (Ukraine) 16/11/2011

Lutomysl comes from Ukraine, a country with a quite big scene especially the last decade. I didn’t know the band’s existence before his last album and after I listened to much of his older material, I contacted Lutomysl, the mind behind the band, in order to get more information not only about his music but also for the ideology and emotions which push him to inspiration and creativity. Although he wasn’t in a mood to talk too much he gave us much information…
1. Hi Lutomysl, thanks a lot for the interview. You started Lutomysl in 2001 but you play Black Metal since 1999. Would you like to describe me this 12 – year journey inside Black Metal and give me some information about the band?
Lutomysl: Greetings. Black Metal trends were changing, varying from hating jews to hating oneself, from damnations of “the One God” to glorifying him… Can’t say that some resembling attitudes were completely alien to me, but Morning Star leads me beyond all this and I tried to create something different. I started as PROFANE SOLITUDE with recording of “Awakening…” EP in 2001. Next year I recorded full-length, called “Emptiness”, after that changed name to Lutomysl. Seven albums were recorded in nine years after and each of them reflects different parts of my Path.
2. I got to know your music by your recent “Lutomysl” album. I found it very good but how the comments by the press and fans were?
Lutomysl: I hadn’t read reviews for it, except yours. Comments from fans varied from “boring” to “masterpiece”.
3. Are you satisfied with the cooperation with Nihilward Productions? Also Propaganda released 3 of your albums. Why you didn’t continue with them?
Lutomysl: Yes, NIHILWARD almost fully satisfied all my needs and expectations. Even more. Propaganda made only tape-versions of these albums: “Winter of humanity” CD was released by EASTSIDE records, “Decadence” and “Catharsis” — by MERCENARY MUSIK. Igor of Propaganda/Lucifugum wanted to make “De Profundis” CD, but his conditions were unacceptable. Release of Lucifugum’s albums has always been his main goal, other bands have secondary meaning and receive corresponding attitude.
4. How would you describe your music? Do you agree with the classification of your music to the DSBM category?
Lutomysl: I can’t even imagine, how one, who listened to even one full album and read its lyrics can think so. But I don’t care much about labels, to be honest. Call it “NEONSDSBM” , if you want, essence will stay the same.
5. Your lyrics and music express feelings of disappointment, melancholy, hate, despair… How do you get inspired to write music and lyrics?
Lutomysl: I have big doubts as of “disappointment” and “melancholy”, but I can’t question your perception, of course. There are no definite conditions for inspiration to come (otherwise that wouldn’t be inspiration). I think some people are really going to forests or abandoned factories in search of it, but my music and lyrics are just sparks of my inner Flame, so I don’t need external causes.
6. You write lyrics in Russian/Ukrainian. Why do you do that?
Lutomysl: Russian, mostly. Because I speak it.
7. Can you describe me the process of writing a track and lyrics?
Lutomysl: I have to feel something... Something that I can hardly describe. I can compare it to a hunger, but of different, spiritual nature. In these moments I just take a guitar and begin to improvise until riff or melody is born. Sometimes it takes few seconds, sometimes — few hours to express it fully, but it doesn’t really matters, when result is satisfying and Fire is satiated. As for lyrics, after musical part of album is completed, I begin to gather lines, written during last months and put them to music. Sometimes, especially when I’m trying to express specific thoughts or idea, I write directly for an already finished composition. Most songs of last album were written in that way.
8. I like your vocals very much. I think they are really expressive and strange – unique. Do you agree that your vocals play a very important role in your music?
Lutomysl: I think that emotionality of vocals distinguishes me from other bands, but also they are a stumbling block for perception of my music for many.
9. I think that there are some similarities between you and Lucifugum concerning the artistic atmosphere. Are you close with Lucifugum? Are there any other bands in Ukraine that you support or help each other?
Lutomysl: I can partly understand, if you mean early Lucifugum’s albums, but totally disagree, if it concerns their later works. We were for eight or even nine years, but in 2006, I guess, Igor declares, that he is Black Diamond and others are sheep, worms and humans, so now we aren’t. I’m communicating with Roman and Thurios of ASTROFAES/DRUDKH/BLOOD OF KINGU, but can’t call it “help” or “support” as they are self-sufficient in what they are doing.
10. I know that your album was released recently but have you started composing material for your next album? If yes can you give me some information?
Lutomysl: “Lutomysl” album was recorded in August and released in December, 2010 so there was enough time for composing. We worked hard with Yuri (and still working) on rehearsals, willing to enter the studio with well thought-out material. Nine new compositions and some lyrics are ready so I hope to complete album till the end of the year and start recording-session in December–January. Some ideas for layout are also in progress.
11. What is your opinion about the Ukrainian Black Metal scene in general?
Lutomysl: I don’t divide Black Metal into “scenes”, prefer taking bands as independent acts.
12. I’ve read in some blogs that Lutomysl: are nsBM. What do you think about that? What’s your opinion about ns in Black Metal in general?
Lutomysl: “NEONSDSBM” — I told that already. I envy people, whose only problems boil down to presence of jews or blacks.
13. Are you interested in “religion”? Which is the philosophical path that you follow? What’s your opinion about Satanism?
Lutomysl: Religion is a comfortable asylum for minds and souls of ones and generous trough for others. I follow the Path of Morning Star —Path of Enlightenment, Resistance and Freedom. Talking about terms, I think, my world-view is somewhere near “Luciferianism” in conventional understanding. Satanism has different meaning, sounding from different lips, so you have to concretize: is it LaVeys Satanism, or TOBL with its Anti-Cosmic Tradition, or?..
14. I think that you don’t perform live. Is that your choice or you can’t find session members for live shows?
Lutomysl: I think both reasons. Even if there were members, I can hardly imagine myself on the stage of ordinary Black Metal gig.
15. What is your occupation apart from the band?
Lutomysl: I earn money as graphic designer. It takes away much time, but necessity to sell music also disappears. Every medal has two sides.
16. What kind of music do you listen to? Do you want to tell me which bands you think that have influenced your music?
Lutomysl: I don’t accept any limitations in music, listening to different styles, varying from trip-hop to death metal. Still Black Metal remains the most personal and important among them. One of the reasons I begin to compose music is ‘cause I tried to bring it something, I can’t find elsewhere, so there is no direct musical sources of inspiration. As far as I remember, when I started, among my favorites were: Lucifugum, NOKTURNAL MORTUM, ASTROFAES, DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM, EMPEROR, IMMORTAL, GORGOROTH, SATYRICON, MARDUK, GRAVELAND, PAGAN, KRUK and some other already classic bands. Maybe, listener will find their echo in my music.
17. Thanks a lot for the interview. Do you want to add anything for conclusion?
Lutomysl: Follow your Path.