Release date:11/12/2010
Label:Nihilward Productions
Limitation:500 copies


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  • 1.
    Абсурд бытия (Absurdity of Being)05:54
  • 2.
    Когда враг упал... (When the Enemy Is Vanquished...)06:15
  • 3.
    Мертвенная тишина (Deathly Silence)06:51
  • 4.
    Свет Люцифера (Lucifer's Light)06:13
  • 5.
    Бессилия тюрьма (The Prison of Weakness)08:14
  • 6.
    Веди меня! (Guide My Way!)07:59
  • 7.
    Homo Vulgaris06:55
  • 8.
    Le reniement de Saint Pierre09:45
  • 9.
    In Lux Aeternus03:48

The Review

Lutomysl is a one – man band from Ukraine which was formed in 2001. Although they have released 7 full length albums I didn’t knew them. So here we have their latest album “Lutomysl” (2010) in which the band plays melancholic, depressing Black Metal with a variety in tempo, interesting riffs full of power and feeling, with creative influences by the dsBM scene combined with the artistic view that has the music of newer Lucifugum and some slight references to Heavy/Thrash.

The guitars deliver the riffs amazingly so you don’t miss a note. The riffs’ target which is achieved is to create in the listener’s mind feelings as depression, hatred for the human race and self destructive feelings. They achieve that either in some parts with the riffs’ monotony or in other parts with the changes in tempo and riff, they keep the interest without overwhelming the listener. The bass fills the space that is left by the high toned guitars very well but it doesn’t take a leading role. The function of the drums is the same inside the trucks. The vocals aren’t typical Black Metal vocals. The singer shouts the lyrics expressing his anger, his intolerance and his despair. Very expressing vocals and combined with the Ukrainian (or Russian) language that he uses in his lyrics, they create even more intense feelings to the listener. The production is clear, fills the music with the bass and drums well so as to deliver a very balanced result. The lyrics are in Ukrainian so I don’t know what they deal with or if they are good.

Generally I think that this is a good album and for sure I’m going to check band’s older albums. Those who already knew the band, I’m sure that you’ve bought the album. Those who didn’t know Lutomysl this is a very good opportunity to get to know them. Good job.