Release date:01/01/2012
Label:Hass Weg Productions
Limitation:1000 copies

Vox in Excelso

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  • 1.
    XIII October MCCCVII07:42
  • 2.
  • 3.
    Templi Secretum06:41
  • 4.
    De Laude Novae Militiae05:11
  • 5.
    Faciens Misericordiam07:34
  • 6.
    Roi de Marbre06:16
  • 7.
    Considerentes Dudum04:49
  • 8.
    Finis Regni Et Funereus Successiones05:37

The Review

Malmort is a three member band from France which was formed in 2003. They have released one demo, one Ep and one split while “Vox in Excelso” is their first integrated effort which has just been released (2012). The first thing that someone will notice, whether he likes their music or not, is the bond between the band’s members concerning their sound. It appears by their music that they are together for many years and they are working hard. So the album contains eight compositions of straightforward Black Metal with fast Scandinavian style combined with rhythmic punk structures and elements which reminds of Venom.

Malmort compose two kind of riffs, the rhythmic Venom-like and the fast Scandinavian, and they tie them together in a very intelligent way, making the music experience that they offer very interesting. The production is clean emphasizing the basses. The mix is also very good delivering that massive sound which highlights the compositions and at the same time it doesn’t bury any instrument. So you can listen to the very good job that has been done concerning the bass. The guitars are good while the drums, although they are played very well, they rarely take the leading role. The vocals are very expressive and help a lot in the creation of feelings. They are heavy Black Metal vocals that remind me of the old Greek scene. One other strong point of the album also is the interesting lyrics. They are written in English and they chronicle medieval stories through a dark and antichristian view.

Malmort have done a very good album, faithful to the true Black Metal but without copying it. Moreover the job that has been done, apart from the compositions, to the production and the mix, shows that the band has potential. I suggest you to listen to it.