Release date:06/06/2011
Label:Grom Records

Death Awakens

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  • 1.
    A Scourge of Degregated and Desecrated Souls03:17
  • 2.
    Scathe and Burneth03:31
  • 3.
    The Black Path03:47
  • 4.
    Sleep Tight Chosen One02:28
  • 5.
    Crushed Under Evil04:01
  • 6.
    The Lies03:18
  • 7.
    Death Awakens05:49
  • 8.
    Hangman's Curse06:53

The Review

“Death Awakens” is the first full length of Mephorash. They come from Sweden and they were formed in 2010. So “Death Awakens” begins with an ambient track, dark, atmospheric, it puts out feelings of fear and agony and it closes with a melancholic, pessimistic, instrumental track, played in piano accompanied by classic guitar. In the rest six tracks which complete the album, the band plays a straightforward, Scandinavian Black Metal with heavy elements of Heavy/Thrash.

The riffs are interesting and are listened pleasantly but they don’t offer anything new and I think that they don’t have a personal identity. However the band has done a good job concerning the compositions and the alternation from rhythmic Heavy/Thrash melodies to fast Black Metal riffs is done in a very successful way. The guitars and the drums are well played. The vocals are very good, expressive, harsh Black Metal vocals with heavy Death outbursts, in the same style that the compositions have. The bass, apart from one part in “Death Awakens”, I couldn’t listen to it. Another problem that annoyed me is the production. It isn’t dirty or so bad that you can’t listen to the music but it is so lukewarm, without intensity, without depth and soulless that it is very unfair for the compositions. The mix isn’t bad with the only negative thing, the burring of the bass. The lyrics in other tracks are evil and satanic, while in other tracks they express hate.

I was always considering the lack of personality, the biggest disadvantage to a band. Although Mephorash have tried and work hard, the lack of personal identity is annoying. However the album isn’t bad but with a different production could have been much better. Those of you who are searching for straightforward, old school Black Metal and the lack of personality doesn’t bother you, you will like “Death Awakens”. The rest, you could give it a listen.