Arist:Misanthropic Art
Release date:14/04/2006
Label:Oskorei Music
Limitation:1000 copies


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  • 1.
    The Birth of Nuclear Winter05:31
  • 2.
    Rain of Holocaust04:27
  • 3.
  • 4.
    Christ's Orgasmic Paranoia...07:12
  • 5.
    Their Red Threads, Our Faces Are Thick Water...08:59
  • 6.
    The 20th Block of Death05:20
  • 7.
    Battlefields of the Hellish Rising07:19

The Review

“Homicides” is the fourth full length album of Misanthropic Art from Stavropol of Russia, a band which offers music of good quality and absolutely paranoid since 1999. This album was released in 2005 and it contains seven compositions of overall duration of about forty five minutes. The listener won’t find many differences regarding the music and the style of Sadist compared to the previous or the next albums. This album is more premature, somehow more primitive compared to the next ones but the elements which make Misanthropic Art to be distinguished are here.

The riffs are rhythmic, mainly mid paced, dark and dirty. Their melodies depending on the part, are melancholic, foggy and many times repulsive, paranoid, disharmonic melodies which affect the mind and the psychological state of the listener. What is different in this album is the noise elements that in my opinion are much stronger than those that we come across in the next albums, while their industrial elements are mainly limited to the metallic and acute sound. During all these, some influences by Emperor also make their appearance giving a more atmospheric side of the compositions. The tracks are quite long concerning their duration and because of the peculiarities of the sound, the structure of the tracks plays a very important role and it achieves to keep the listener’s interest for most of the album’s duration.

All instruments are played with much accuracy and passion, while the guitars are the most important instruments in the compositions. The guitars are those who create the atmosphere and the passage from one state to the other, something that they do very well. Moreover the metallic sound that they put out in a lot of parts, it gives that industrial element to the compositions. The bass fills the sound well but they are too dirty they are not quite audible. The drums are fast and violent, they have repetitive lines while their changes inside the tracks are few. However they offer stability and intensity to the compositions. The good use of the keyboards exists also here. The keyboards appear in a few parts, they are simple and minimalistic, but they make the atmosphere huge while they drag the listener into the nuclear massacre of the Misanthropic Art. The lyrics are harsh Black Metal vocals, other times screams other times heavy, but they play a secondary role in the compositions. The lyrics are written in Russian and they are warlike, misanthropic, violent and destructive.

This album is a representing image of the band that when it was released, the band was almost in the middle of their journey. So we will surely find the elements of the band in a more premature form. This album is the band’s transition to synthetic maturation. The fans of the band that you haven’t bought “Homicides”, it worth to buy it and see the progress of the band throughout the years. Also, you who want to get to know Misanthropic Art, this is a nice opportunity.