Release date:01/11/2011
Label:De Umbris Productions
Limitation:150 copies

The Conquering Darkness

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  • 1.
    Rites of Passage (Intro)01:25
  • 2.
    The Conquering Darkness05:48
  • 3.
    Mastering the Winds of Sorcery04:46
  • 4.
    Transcendence Exodus (Outro)01:36

The Review

Mooncult is the personal band of Lycanthropos whom I met by participating in Goat Synagogue. There he did the vocals, here he plays all instruments and sings. “The Conquering Darkness” is the fourth release of the band and it will be released officially during the next few months in 150 copies, only in cassette format, by De Umbris Productions.

The name of the band brought to my mind occultism and a dark atmosphere maybe like that of the first Greek school. As a point that happens, mainly with the intro and outro which try to create a dark ritualistic atmosphere. So this Ep contains two tracks, a small intro and a small outro. The two tracks are a mix of Black Metal that reminded me the Greek and Latin-American scene, with some Thrash parts.

The first thing that you will notice and stand is the production. The sound is very dirty, very bassy, generally very primitive. Personally it didn’t bother me as it doesn’t make the listen difficult and reminds productions of the past. The riffs show interesting points in some parts but overall they are repetitive, with minor changes and quite ordinary. The bass can hardly be heard. The drums, I don’t know if they are drum machine, but their sound is pretty dull whereas the lines that they play are repetitive and they are mostly limited only to the indispensable. The vocals are heavy, old school, crude Black Metal vocals that I think that they absolutely match to the tracks’ style. I don’t have the lyrics but they should deal with occultism, Satanism and darkness.

In both tracks there are moments I liked and moments that I didn’t like but the title track is much better than the second. Generally this release isn’t bad, maybe I would call it indifferent. The two tracks are heard pleasantly but without having any special experience to offer to the listener. Listen to “The Conquering Darkness” before you buy it.