Arist:Morbid Pest
Release date:01/01/2012


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    Black Sepulchral Vomit02:25
  • 2.
    Guerriero Abissale05:02
  • 3.
    Light of Shadow05:13
  • 4.
    La Fine Dell 'Isterics Visionaria02:37
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The Review

After a year of the release of the split with Lúgubre Crepúsculo which had created many expectations for their future, the Italian Morbid Pest return with their new and first full length album, “Fulgur”. “Fulgur” contains six tracks of about forty two minutes, of antichristian and sacrilegious Black Metal. Those of you who have listened to the band’s older material, you will notice that the direction that they follow in this album is a little different. The mentality surely is still the same, profane, aggressive and straightforward Black Metal. What has changed is their music direction, to be more specific while in the past they had a more European – Italian music orientation, feelings and atmosphere was very important element of their music. In this album their music is fast and brutal, without any atmosphere and with only purpose total destruction.

This sound maybe reminds more of American bands with bestial sound. The riffs are straightforward, heavy and quite repetitive but without becoming boring as the structure of the tracks is good, with a few slow or rhythmic passages which achieve to renew the listener’s interest. The guitars are quite distorted and dirty and along with the very good bass create that particular heavy sound that we find in bands of such genre. The drums are chaotic, very fast and they fill the sound well but their lines are very monotonous and without much interest. The vocals are heavy and dirty Black Metal vocals which put out much passion and power. The production is dirty and bassy but without making the listen difficult, exactly what the compositions needed in order to be highlighted. The mix is good with every instrument and vocals being at the right volume while at the same time the sound comes out very massive. The lyrics are included in the simple and dark four – paged booklet and the four of the six tracks are written in English whereas the rest in Italian. The lyrics are exactly as in the band’s older releases were, antichristian, profane and full of hate.

Generally the first full length album of Morbid Pest is a good release. Personally I liked more their older material but this is a matter of taste. However, considering also that the album is self-financed , I believe that it deserve your attention. Listen to it.