Morbid Pest (Italy) 10/05/2011

Morbid Pest is a band from Italy that unfortunately I didn’t know and they impressed me with their latest demo Reditus Culto Janus. Straightforward, fast and very interesting Black Metal by a three – member band. It was some time since I last listened to such quality, passion and feeling that their music has, so immediately I wanted to have an interview with them. I contacted Jevàl, the female Demon of Morbid Pest, lyrics writer and bass player, and she gave me several information about the band and the members behind it…
1. Hi thanks for the interview. Can you give me a brief biography of the band?
Jevàl: First of all thank you for the interview. We are born in 2005 under the name "Ferox", later changed in the current in 2008. Morbid Pest initially formed with the intent to make music and express our hatred against dogmatized religion, the convoluted and sick society of our time. Year after year, our sound has changed, becoming more aggressive and granitic, to coincide with the themes, more explicit and less poetic than the beginning. We have produced five cds, the first two demos during 2006 and 2007, "Into the Uman Sacrifice" and "In Death We Triumph", unpublished, in 2008 following "Arum Mortuarum Evocation", in 2009 the full-length "In Tenebris "followed by the last “Reditus Culto Janus. " In the first days of January we had to expel our drummer Flazèl for misunderstanding and indifference to what we do. He were replaced by Sergio (Morkal, LCF) regarding the studio recordings and Bjorgor (ex Imago Mortis, Wintermass) for live performances.
2. I was impressed by the straightforward old school Black Metal you are playing. What inspires you to write music and lyrics?
Jevàl: Thank you for the appreciation, we are very pleased. What inspires us most is the Nature, the Night, the Primordial, the passion for the ancient and the Italian pre-christian tradition, the absolute hatred for dogmatized religion. From these concepts are born music and lyrics that meander through visions of witches, demonic possession, rituals, absolute blasphemy, revenge of the primordial and ancient cult on everything is concerned the christian religion in the first place and all its members.
3. I think that you have a female member in the band, something quite unusual for a Black Metal band. What is she responsible of? Does she help in composition too?
Jevàl: You think right! I will reply you directly, the group was founded with me and immediately I wrote most of lyrics, as regards the composition I make my bass parts, songs is almost make in conjunction with Boia, we work closely with us in terms of timing, turns etc.
4. Are you working on new material at the moment? When will it be released?
Jevàl: We're working on the new cd, Boia is always very active on the writing of new songs, we have enough at stake, including seven tracks selected for the new disc. We want to release it at the beginning of this autumn.
5. Are you in contact with any record label for future cooperation? What comments have you gotten by labels and the press?
Jevàl: For now no, we work with independent labels and distros, like Ewig Records, Maleventum and other for various outputs like compilations, split. The comments of the zine were good in the in the average, I must say however that the more astute reviewers have captured the true spirit of our cd and therefore what we wanted to express.
6. What is your opinion about the underground scene of Italy? Are you in contact with another band? Is there any cooperation between the bands of the scene?
Jevàl: In the Italian underground are valid groups and invalid groups, I speak not only on the musical side, unfortunately some don’t make music for pure instinct, passion and sentiment, but for other reasons despicable, is so much hypocrisy and people who play just to be seen. But I think this situation there is everywhere. Then there are bands that have our full support as: Lcf, Unctoris, Oath, Inverno, Mefetic, Criptum, Imago Mortis, Martidom's Megalith, Wintermass, Funera Edo, ect, with some of them are also in contact. Collaboration is enough, in fact I want to thank to all the bands and people who offered us hospitality and gave us the possibility to play over the years.
7. Have you ever played live? Where? How easy is for a band with three members to perform live?
Jevàl: Yes, over the years we have played in various places of Italy as :Udine, Bergamo, Mantova, Bologna, Padova, Taranto and the surrounding areas of Ravenna. Is perfect for us to play in three, we are completely at our ease on stage.
8. I don’t know with what your lyrics deal but in your logo there are two inverted crosses. Are you a Satanist? What is your opinion about religion generally?
Jevàl: The current texts are visions that speak mostly of dark forces, witches, demons, possessions, ruined churches where it takes its revenge and Revenge on Christianity, symbolic figures like the snake and Janus, the god connected to nature and be reinvented himself as the avenger dirty christian ideology and its adherents, sacrifice in honor of the night (the place of death and rebirth). an investigation into the Origin, all views expressed in figures, with cues taken from pre-Christian history of Italian and Occult knowledge. If understood in the sense generally is posed no, we are anti-christian, not affiliated with any satanic divinatory doctrine. Religion? hypocrisy is the backbone of this madness collective that is called Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Catholicism as well, as with the church as an institution, is the culmination of shit, already rooted in our convoluted society of today, men hiding behind the shit of forgiveness of sin and the like, over the centuries at their convenience and for their own benefit, have tarnished the minds and spirits with their beliefs propagated by what they call weak crazy savior.
9. Italy has some really good bands in the scene and generally in Metal scene. Are there any bands that you respect from your country?
Jevàl: It is a pleasure to hear the appreciation in your words, for sure we respect groups that believe and love what they do seriously. More then groups mentioned before, I nominate Frangar, Spite Extreme Wing, Ad Hominem, Handful of Hate.
10. What kind of music do you listen to?
Jevàl: We listen to just about anything, from Heavy metal to Black, first American and Swedish Death, first Trash, Folk and Medieval, Classical music; from Coven, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest to Bathory, first Gorgoroth, Hellhammer, Beherit ,Mayhem,Venom, Mercyful Fate, Darkthrone, Satanic Warmaster etc. Now looking more underground groups, as Archgoat, Bestial Holocaust, Morbosidad, Burial Hordes, etc. (basically the whole scene German, Greek, American and South American), not to mention the relics from the birthplace of our passion about ten years ago, like the first cd of Slayer and Sepultura, in my opinion album still much alive.
11. What is your job apart from music?
Jevàl: Boia is a tractor driver, I work from time to time unfortunately.
12. Have you ever visited Greece? Do you like any Greek bands?
Jevàl: I have been there years ago; is a very beautiful country, full of wonderful history and amazing natural places. We have done an exchange of cd with Burial Hordes, for me one of the best bands in Greece, are absolutely extreme! Also Winterdemons, Nadirwrath, Caedes Cruenta, Nocternity, Erevos, Dodsferd etc.
13. Tell me about your near future plans, upcoming releases or live shows.
Jevàl: We want to work systematically to the new cd, also will play in Brescia on 27 may and 28 may in Genova.
14. Do you want to say anything for a conclusion?
Jevàl: Thanks again to you, glory and honor to those who support the Black Fire, embrace the darkness and vomited in the face of christ and masturbatory before his mother Mary.