Arist:Morbid Pest
Release date:16/05/2014
Label:Black Tears Productions
Limitation:100 copies

Loculo d’Orrore

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  • 1.
  • 2.
    The Flame Awakes03:01
  • 3.
    The Fall of the Idols04:45
  • 4.
    The Seven Church's Wolf03:41
  • 5.
    Loculo d'orrore03:12
  • 6.
  • 7.
    L'occhio del basilisco05:14

The Review

A lot of you may remember by the previous reviews, how much I like Morbid Pest and how much I like the music that this unholy trio from the neighboring Italy create. Two years after their first full length album they return with another one called “Loculo d’orrore”. The album contains seven compositions of an overall duration of about thirty minutes. The band, in this album too, continues to offer old school Black Metal, but displaying new elements in their music. For sure, their old fans will recognize the elements that they distinguished in their older compositions. I refer to the Thrashy riffs and the old fashioned attitude with which they perceive Black Metal. But in this album there are much more.

So, now, the band leaves behind the many Thrash references, that they are in here too but to a lesser extent, and they let their more barbaric music influences make their way to the surface. The riffs mainly are brutal, violent and dark, without the rhythmic Thrash passages or the slower parts being absent. The inspired ideas and the riffs that catch the listener’s attention, are still here. But unfortunately, the monotony which appears very intensively into the compositions tires the listener. The tracks are not so long regarding their duration but that repetitive way that the compositions are structured, make them seem long and tedious.

On the other hand, the final result of the sound is very good at all levels. The guitars are dark and heavy while they are played with violence and passion. The bass is intense and destructive, it fills the sound flawlessly and gives depth to the compositions. The drums have fast lines, with beautiful turnings, blast-bit outbreaks and slow, solid passages and they are played with accuracy and very good technique. Finally, the vocals have become heavier and more brutal than the vocals that we had come across in older releases. However they still are expressive and they fit to the style of the compositions. The lyrics in half of the tracks are written in English and in the rest of them in Italian and they are not contained in the cd. By the titles and the style of the music someone can understand that the band continues in the antichristian, blasphemy character that we know.

The effort of the band to show a different, more barbaric side of them is not completely successful. The monotony of the riffs makes the good ideas become lost and tire the listener in many parts. However I think that it is a very positive thing for a band to experiment with new ways of expression but without changing its personal identity. Their fans should listen to the album. The rest of you begin with one of their previous releases.