Arist:Morbid Pest
Release date:29/05/2010
Label:Ewig Records

Reditus Culto Janus

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  • 1.
    Eternal Damnation03:35
  • 2.
    Sacrificio alla luna03:35
  • 3.
    Serpent of All03:19
  • 4.
    The End of the False Christ04:51
  • 5.
    The Ancient Cult of Desecrated Cathedral05:48
  • 6.
    Culto Janus02:35
  • 7.
    Peste morbosa03:15

The Review

Morbid Pest is a band from Italy, formed in 2008 and has released three demos and one split. Here we have their third demo which includes seven tracks of raw old school Black Metal. The tracks are fast tempo with some mid and slow – doom tempo parts, they mainly consist of simple but very interesting riffs which stick to the mind from the beginning and they create an impressive, dark and horror atmosphere.

The guitars are very well played, the bass is massive while the drums complete the horror scenery, some times with fast rhythms, other times with massive rhythmic passages and beautiful outbreaks. The vocals are very expressive, they quite remind me of Mortuary Drape (maybe also because of their origin). The lyrics are in Italian so I don’t know which their subject is. However in my own “journey” while listening to this demo, the fact that the lyrics are in Italian, put me deeper in an atmosphere of Satanic – Occult horror. The demo brought in my mind scenes of Argento’s films (especially Suspiria). The production is what is needed so as the atmosphere to be underlined: quite bassy, quite dirty but without making the listening of the album difficult nor entangle the instruments with each other.

Generally the band, without playing anything special or original, has achieved through its obvious influences not to make a boring, without imagination copy of them but to be supported by them and built its own style. Personally I believe that this demo is an amazing work which I will be listening to again and again for a long time. You should really check this demo out and give your attention to this band (they deserve it) which doesn’t have the support of any label and trying alone to promote their great work.