Arist:Morbis Infernus
Release date:01/09/2012
Limitation:300 copies

Of Purity...

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  • 1.
    Of Purity...04:29
  • 2.
    Desecration Rot08:09
  • 3.
    Northern Mists of Entombment05:17
  • 4.
    Screams of Winter Night04:52
  • 5.
    Into Solitary Despondence02:28

The Review

Morbis Infernus is a one man band which comes from Canada and it was formed in 2010. Until today they have released two demos while “Of purity…” that I have received is the second demo of the band and it contains five tracks of about half an hour of duration. By reading the titles of the tracks someone can assume that this is about a classic Canadian band like Blasphemy. If I exclude the first track which reminds some elements of the style that I mentioned before, generally the previous assumption is wrong. The main characteristic of their music is the noise and the violence, but not as the Canadian scene has presented us. Musically they have a lot of elements of the European and the American Black Metal.

Depending on the track we will come across brutal – noisy riffs simple, minimalistic and somehow repetitive which create dark atmosphere and remind of the American sound. In other tracks the riffs have more variety, there are more changes, they are more melodic and technical which remind of the European sound while we also come across many thrashy, epic and slow passages. In general the riffs are quite interesting and they are structured correctly inside the tracks. By the first track we understand that the guitar is the main instrument of the man behind Morbis Infernus as it is the instrument which dominates the tracks, it is played with much emotion, whereas in two or three parts you will listen to mistakes which are not important and they are not annoying. Unfortunately the bass can’t be heard at all while the drums have quite repetitive lines, they have some mistakes and generally they put out an uncertainty concerning the deliverance.

The vocals are harsh and raw Black Metal vocals, they put out violent emotions, they have quite good deliverance and they fit to the style of the compositions. The big problem of this demo that unfortunately you can’t forget it, is the sound. The sound is so dirty and harsh which creates noise and makes the listen from difficult to impossible. The recording sounds like it was done by an old tape recorder and the mix is bad. The lyrics are written in English but they don’t consist inside the tape.

The effort of Morbis Infernus, concerning their ability to compose, although it doesn’t have anything new to offer, it has good ideas which put out feelings and passion. But concerning the sound, the quality is very bad, so much that you have to try hard in order to listen to most of the demo. So the interesting ideas of the bands are lost. “Of purity…” it could be a good demo but because of the rough recording I don’t suggest it to anyone. Avoid and wait for the next one. Maybe the sound will be better.