Release date:11/04/2011
Label:Sun & Moon Records


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  • 1.
    Blood of the Universe01:01
  • 2.
    Kinetic Dogma07:32
  • 3.
    De Magnum Opus Solis05:42
  • 4.
  • 5.
    Metatron and the Waters05:40
  • 6.
    Serpent Salvation03:27
  • 7.
    ...It Writes the Names of Ghosts07:55
  • 8.
  • 9.
    Eternity Is Pregnant07:26

The Review

Mord’ a’ Stigmata come from Poland, formed in 2004 and they have released 3 demos and two full length albums. Their second full length album which was released some time ago (4/2011) is called “Antimatter” and consists of an intro and eight tracks.

When you get the cd in your hands, it’s impossible not to notice the layout part of it. Very beautiful cover, melancholic and occult the same time. The same occult element dominates also the eight – page booklet. First of all the band has done a very meticulous Job referring to the album’s artwork. Going to the album’s music, you can understand by the first notes that you are not going to listen to typical Black Metal. The music is distinguished by avant – garde elements but without being limited to these only. The riffs have much variety, from hyper – speedy, full of hatred, to melancholic – self destructive slow tempo and groovy passages. In some parts you’ll notice also some progressive influences as also influences from classic Metal and Rock. The drums and the bass do also a very good job. The vocals are heavy somewhere between Death and Black, a good effort but without much of interest. In the track “…It writes the Names of Ghosts” there are also some clean vocals and quite good ones. The production of the album is amazing as you can listen to every instrument clearly. It is clean but without ruining the dark atmosphere or the feelings to the listener. There are no lyrics in the cd but if I understand correctly by the music they may deal with personal thoughts of the artist surely full of hatred and depressive feelings.

As you can understand the band in this album has tried many different elements but they have achieved to match them together so as to give us a very interesting result. However this is an album for more open-minded Metal fans. Personally I liked “Antimatter” a lot and I recommend checking it out.