Arist:Nemesis Irae
Release date:20/06/2013
Label:Mortis Humanae Productions
Limitation:500 copies

Eradikate Kampaign

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  • 1.
  • 2.
    New Beginning05:26
  • 3.
    Christ Anthem04:06
  • 4.
    Total Agony03:54
  • 5.
    666 Reich02:53
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
    Putrid Lust04:33

The Review

Nemesis Irae is a five – member band from Belgium that they were formed in 1996 but their story goes long ago, the mid of the ‘80ies. Until now they have released two full length albums and one split. “Eradikate Kampaign” is going to be the band’s third full length album which will be released by the end of this month (June 2013) and it contains eight compositions of about thirty minutes of duration. The style of Nemesis Irae is the result of the connection of different music influences with the maturity gained by the twenty year journey in the underground, extreme sound. More specifically, in this album, the listener will come across influences by the Scandinavian Black Metal, American Thrash and Death Metal.

The riffs mainly are fast, chaotic, other times warlike, other times Thrash and Death. In the Death parts we will listen to both the brutal, fast parts with the characteristic, monotonous blasts and the heavy dirty sound of the guitars, as also the rhythmic Death passages. Their music in the entire album has the tension to go to Death but they achieve to maintain a quite good balance between the two genres. The structure of the tracks is good, they have quite a lot of changes in the riffing whereas there are a few moments that may be tedious for the listener. I refer to some brutal Death parts where the riffs are somehow repetitive and the monotonous blast is quite tedious. However, generally the listener will listen the album pleasantly. The guitars in other parts are clean and in other more dirty, with very nice technique, without mistakes, while at the same time they put out much passion and feeling. The bass is not clean and its lines can’t be heard in every part, but where you can follow them, they are quite interesting.

On the contrary, the drums, although they are stable regarding their way of playing and they have good technique, their lines are somehow repetitive and in some parts they become boring. The thing that does a good impression is the lyrics. Here the listener will come across the alteration between the harsh Black Metal voice and the dirty, brutal Death voice, which is very expressive and powerful. The production is bassy but quite clean while the mixture offers depth to the composition, the instruments are quite balanced while the sound is massive, something that is really necessary so as the compositions to be highlighted. The lyrics are written in English and they are not contained in the promo that I received but it is easy to understand that they are absolutely profane and Satanic.

The new work of Nemesis Irae is a quite interesting and mature attempt. Some parts may be tedious for the listener but in general the album is a pleasant listen. The band shows that even after twenty five years of presence, they still have inspiration, the experience and the maturity of all these years but for sure the passion and the freshness like they formed the band yesterday. It worth a listen.