Night (France) 26/11/2014

Usually I don’t do interviews with bands that haven’t released a full length album or at least they have some history in music. With Night I made an exception as by the few material that they have released until today, I understand that this is about a quite interesting band that it will have a bright future into Black Metal. I contacted Lycaon and he told me many things about the band and much more.
1. Hails Lycaon, thanks for the interview. First of all I would like to give me a small biography of the band. What does Night represent for you and why you came up with this name that if you make a small search, you will find out that it is quite common in metal bands?
Lycaon: Hey, I started the band in 2010 as a project of mine. In 2012 I met Black Ghost (drums) and Laëtitia to release our first demo "Ai Shiteru Yo". I fired them in late 2013. It was only after that, that I recruited the lovely Kast on violin, (whom was already a good friend of mine, and had played as a guest on the demo) and Khaled from the great Algerian band ORCUS on drums. For the first time we acted as a real band. In early 2014 Tony Ironlungs (SICK GENIUS) and Tristan (FENRIR), joined forces as live members. Unfortunately, recently, our beloved violin player Kast had to leave the band. We wish her well. Hopefully we'll have a new violin player soon. Why NIGHT? The night is the truth, the day is an illusion. Night can be very warm, and beautiful, as well as harsh and filthy. That defines our band I think.
2. Do you want to tell me about your recent live release? Why did you decide to record and release a live performance while you haven’t released a full length yet?
Lycaon: Because.
3. I think that your music has a special and unique style combining raw, Scandinavian Black Metal with intense atmosphere coming out the violin. Do you want to tell me a few things about your music? The idea of using the violin as a primary and important instrument into your compositions came from the beginning?
Lycaon: Nobody knows how much we put our hearts and feelings on the table in NIGHT. Our music is for the ones who can't stand it anymore. Our government and more importantly people of our age. They are completely brainwashed by the media. They support mass immigration, gay marriage/adoption, they even fucking DEMONSTRATE for it, while claiming to be revolutionary/anti-capitalists. Our music is for the outcasts, the misfits, the last romantics. And there're only a few remaining. We're surrounded by a majority of sheep.
4. What inspires you to write music?
Lycaon: Everyday life is so much of an inspiration... If you go out in the street for 2 hours you'll experience injustice, violence, frustration, anger, but if you look close enough you can see some majesty, some beauty in it as well. I have to express this intensity in my songs. Otherwise it would kill me.
5. I don’t know what your lyrics are about. Would you like to tell me more about your lyrics?
Lycaon: Love.
6. I was recently informed that you are going to release your first full length soon. Would you like to give me a preview for it? When do you expect it to be released?
Lycaon: Hopefully it will be released in 2015 by Hidden Marly Production (Hails to my brother Sho !). No preview since the album is not recorded yet. Loads of personal problems. It will be a very dark album, of course much darker than much of today's black metal where all is about being the most "trve" guy. Fuck this bullshit, be honest, be yourself, don't deny what you are and become what you want to be.
7. Have you planed any live gigs for the near future and if yes where will you perform?
Lycaon: We plan to do a tour in France, and hopefully we will visit Eastern Europe. We don't know still. We don't want to tour at a loss like 90% of the bands do today... So maybe we won't have the opportunity to play in front of a few faggots metalheads and ugly goth bitches (who don't give a fucking shit about what we play) in tiny bars, for practically no money. And that saddens me. It's true. But hey what you gonna do.
8. How were the comments that you have received by the press and the fans? Are you satisfied?
Lycaon: I don't care about the comments.
9. How do you plan the near future of Night? How do you dream Night in ten years?
Lycaon: A big world tour with Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne.
10. What do you think about the French Black Metal scene? Are you in contact or do you cooperate with anyone from the scene? Are there any bands or musicians from France that you support and would like to suggest me?
Lycaon: Fuck Black Metal. Fuck the Black Metal scene. Fuck all scenes. To our foreign fans stop giving your money to ALCEST and support SALE FREUX, PESTE NOIRE, DIAPSIQUIR, KICKBACK, D.C.A and KLUB DES LOOSERS.
11. Do you want to sum up your near future plans and add anything for conclusion?
Lycaon: I gotta go cut myself, and cry like a bitch while listening to HAPPY DAYS :'( Thanks for the interview brother!