Type:Live album
Release date:03/06/2014
Label:Eerie Torture
Limitation:15 copies

Made in France

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    À quoi bon?04:14
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    Georges de la tour05:19
  • 6.
    Déliant ses lacets05:44

The Review

The live recordings for me works better as a best of collection presenting the (theoretically) best tracks of a band until the moment that it is recorded. So it makes an impression to me the fact that a band with only one demo and one split release decides to record one of their live performances. So the band I am talking about is Night from France who were formed in 2010 and they consist of four members. The album “Made in France” contains an introduction and five tracks, all of them taken by the split release of the band, of overall duration of twenty eight minutes. Firstly the so small number of copies, I think it doesn’t make it a normal release for the band but a gift for their most close friends and passionate fans. However, it could be of interest to many more Black Metal fans than those fifteen who will buy this cassette.

The music that the band presents to us is here is harsh and melancholic, with a lot of melodic parts, many slow, depressive passages while generally they belong in the genre of Scandinavian frozen Black Metal. The listener will come across a lot of raw riffs other times fast and other times rhythmic, full of tension and violence. At this moment the slower – more melodic riffs, which are filling the atmosphere with feelings, they are coming to be added in order to confirm the esoteric feeling which had begun to appear already by the fast riffing. The feeling that the music of Night gave me is an esoteric battle with their self and as a result they put out very intensive and personal feelings. The riffs are interesting and the structure of the tracks is very good, so the band achieves to maintain at the same level the interest of the listener, something that it is also obvious by the reactions of the crowd of the gig.

For sure, the subject that you are all waiting to read about is the quality of the sound. It is true that the sound is harsh and dirty, but for a live recording I believe that it is very good as the listener can listen to the music and all the instruments without any problem. The performance of the band is very good, there are no mistakes and they put out much passion and intensity. A particular impression was caused to me by the sound of the violin that along with that of the guitar it rules their music. The violin is a very interesting element of the band that it matches the style and the music of the band perfectly. Also what impressed me was the sound of the bass which can be heard clearly in almost every part of the album. On the contrary the vocals are somehow lower so that they don’t deliver the intensity that they should. Finally, the crowd can be heard quite loud and although on one hand that fact can put the listener into the spirit of the concert, this specific crowd doesn’t have the passion that they should.

I still haven’t understood why they released a live recording especially in so limited number of copies, but I liked it a lot. I think that the tracks that they play here are all very interesting, the sound of the recording is good and the band has made the best effort that they could. For sure after this one I will be waiting to listen to their next studio release. It would be nice if they made this album available for free downloading as it is so hard for you to buy it.