Nordland (United Kingdom) 01/03/2011

Vorh is the only member of Nordland, responsible for everything (instruments, vocals, composition, layout), and recently he released his first demo. Because his music made a good impression to me, I asked him to talk about this project and generally about his artistic and general wonderings. Willing and talkative he answered all my questions in an interesting interview. Meet Nordland.
1. Hi Vorh thank you for the interview. Nordland is a very new band so there are very few information about it. Do you want to give me some information about the band and its only member, you?
Vorh: Greetings, Firstly let me thank you for asking me to do an interview and supporting Nordland I appreciate it. Nordland is just a one man project that is correct and I plan to keep it that way!
2. You released recently your first demo. As I see in the booklet you composed everything, you played all instruments and vocals and you designed the layout. Much work for a person. Did it take you much time and effort to do all that? Finally after the release are you satisfied by the result?
Vorh: I did indeed do everything for the album. All the writing, recording, mixing, artwork etc. It took about a year to do it all, working on it a piece at a time. I did most of the composing in autumn/winter 2010 then just worked on it when I could until it sounded as I wanted. I didn’t work on it constantly though, hence why it took so long. Am I satisfied? Well for the most part I am. It’s very hard if not impossible for me to form a meaningful opinion about it.
3. Your release is self financed. Why you chose to release it by yourself and not to cooperate with a label? I know that labels usually exploit new bands but at least they can promote them much better. What’s your opinion about that?
Vorh: To be honest I am doing this because I want to do it. It does cost for materials - inks and photo paper for the covers, cd cases and cds etc but it’s not that much if you spread the cost out over time. As for labels I have contacted a few about a possible release for the album so hopefully that will happen soon.
4. What is the reaction to your release and the comments you’ve gotten so far by the press and fans?
Vorh: As Nordland is at a fairly early stage and I just got the first few copies ready to send out. But so far the reaction has been good. In fact you are the first to review the album! Now I have a couple of pages up so those who are interested can find out a little more about Nordland. I have had some good comments and messages though. So there is a slow awakening of people becoming aware of Nordland! In fact I just did a video for Vorscara off the album just to see if I could do one. I think it came out ok.
5. How do you get inspired to write music and lyrics? Can you describe me the process of writing and recording?
Vorh: I have been into obscure music for many years so just listening to music of a certain kind inspires me. I get totally lost in the atmospheres of great music not just metal. Black metal to me is comforting in the atmospheres inherent in it. It is solitary music to me very personal in nature. I’m talking about classic black metal not the gothic female singer theatrical sell out opera shit. For me it’s about trying to create that atmosphere musically and keep it interesting so it conjures certain imagery for the listener. I find writing lyrics quite hard I have to find a strong concept to write about then develop it. But lyrics for me have to have a weight behind them and go somewhere in the narrative. Something to grasp and follow.
6. I have to tell you that I really liked your music. I think it’s a mixture of the grim, frozen Scandinavian sound with heavy epic elements. What do you think about it? Which bands or music styles do you think that they have influenced your music?
Vorh: Well I listen to the early black metal bands Bathory, Burzum, the earlier Mayhem stuff, Dark Throne, Enslaved from the early to the later albums. They are a band whose progressed from pagan/black metal into something else but kept the integrity. That raw, pure sound and bands that have that solid integrity. I also listen to a lot of obscure Prog stuff like early Van Der Graff Generator, Magma, Gentle Giant, Anekdoten, Landberk etc. They are totally different to extreme metal but are very similar in the atmospheres inherent in them. They are also amazing at writing song structure which I’m interested in.
7. I believe that you pay much attention to your lyrics. Would you like to give me some information about your lyrics and that you want to express through them?
Vorh: Even though I find they don’t come easily I try to pay attention to them. It’s something that can be easily overlooked I think. Lyrics are half of the power of a song. If you can put some narrative and story into a piece of music and the listener takes the time to explore them it can mean a more involving experience. All good music takes time to appreciate and people have to understand that. That’s why people who just turn the radio on and tap their feet to the 4:4 time signatures don’t really have any understanding of music because most mass produced popular songs don’t have any depth to them. I tried to create a pathway on the Nordland album a concept for the listener to follow. There is a beginning and a final resting place. I use metaphors a lot to push people down the path.
8. Have you ever thought of performing live?
Vorh: No. I couldn’t anyway as I’m just one man. I don’t want to deal with other peoples egos. So I’ll stay solitary its best for me I think.
9. What do you think about Black Metal in United Kingdom? Are there any bands there that you support, cooperate or that you just like? What about the fans there?
Vorh: I like Ghast from Wales and Skaldic Curse from England they are more progressive thrash sound though not black metal. There are more like me out there hidden away doing good work. There is a following for black metal here in the UK definitely.
10. What do you do apart from music?
Vorh: Try and survive.
11. What is your opinion about religion?
Vorh: All mass religions are just another control mechanism to keep the ruling elites in power. They keep the egos of those who sit in their ivory towers dominant over the masses. Ego is the enemy. And most of the world’s population are more than willing to accept the shit they are fed from birth with no questions asked.
12. You’ve just released the demo but have you begun composing new material? Your next release is going to be another demo or you’ll try to release a full length?
Vorh: Well I consider the first demo a full length it’s an hour long or something like that. As for the next release I have a few ideas, mostly they compose themselves in my head as I’m walking or something and I can’t get them down. But I have sketches of songs in my head it’s just a case of making them come out!
13. Do you want to tell me how do you plan and how do you imagine the future of Nordland?
Vorh: I would like to do an album I’m truly proud of writing music is hard if it’s to have any true artistic merit and meaning. So I always try to improve my abilities. Hopefully that will manifest as a great piece of music!
14. Thanks for the interview. Do you want to sum up your near future plans and also if you want, add something for conclusion?
Vorh: All I would like to say is thank you to you xDemoNx for your time and support. I read through a lot of your site and you clearly have a clear understanding of music and what it takes to produce material with integrity. So keep up the great eternal work!! if anyone wants to find out more about Nordland they can visit the pages below. I’m not gonna be promoting the pages a lot they are just there if people want to hear what I’ve done and will do in the future.Thanks again. Vorh