Nunslaughter (United States) 15/11/2010

I don't believe that is anyone out there who wants to be called true Black Metal fan and doesn't know the great Horde Nunslaughter. For those who don't know them we contacted Don of the Dead to burn you in in the deepest HELL ! ! !
1. Nunslaughter exists from 1987.Tell me about the group and the members during all those years.
Don of the Dead: I actually never intended the band to continue this long but my interest in making satanic metal has not waived. The past members have all contributed in their own way. We have had arguments about the path of NunSlaughter but I have not given up on my intent on making primitive Death Metal. I no longer write as much as I used to, Jim has taken the reigns, but I still write most of the lyrics and help with arrangements and I have final say on the songs.
2. From where do you get inspired to write music and lyrics?
Don of the Dead: I like Hell and Satan. That is what inspires me.
3. In the majority of your songs, they have a satanic theme. Are you a Satanist? What is 'religion' for you in general and what role plays in your everyday life? Can you please explain me the lyrics: 'You kill Christ I'll kill Satan You kill your God Together we will kill religion' (one of my favorites).
Don of the Dead: I am not a true Satanist but rather I like the ideas and some of the practices of the Dark Arts. It is really the stories that interest me. The lyrics above refer to the abolishment of all religions. We, as a civilization, do not need religion anymore.
4. You have many releases but only 3 Full-length albums. Why you do that?
Don of the Dead: We have about 13 full length albums but only 3 full length studio albums. I just do not like to record full length albums in the studio. My fear is that they will become over produced. Split records are much better because you can team up with another band and make all the hell you want.
5. The sound of Nunslaughter hasn't changed at all. That happens because you like to play only this style or you don't want to disappoint your fans? How would you describe your sound?
Don of the Dead: I have been an effort to keep that scope of the band so narrow over all these years. I think we are able to achieve this because of the turnover of band members and the fresh ideas that come with new people. Our sound is early 80's Death Metal. That is what made me want to start the band and that is what keeps NunSlaughter going. We are forever stuck in the 80's.
6. What kind of music do you listen to? Are there any bands in metal old or new you admire for their music and/or attitude?
Don of the Dead: I listen to all types of music not just metal. But let's face it; my heart is made of metal.There are a few bands that have kept the faith but none that I want to mention. After so many years I have decide that I am the worst critic to evaluate anyone's music. If I like it I will listen to the music if I don't like it then I shut it off.
7. What's your opinion about Black Metal and death metal scene in the U.S.A.? Do you want to suggest me some good underground bands of U.S.A. that every fan must listen to?
Don of the Dead: The Black Metal scene and Death Metal scene are bigger than ever in the USA. The problem is that there are more bands than fans. Here in Cleveland bands promote their shows and ask people to show up and support the scene but these bands do not come to other local shows. It is a vicious cycle and for the most part I wish those bands would just get out of the scene.
8. Are you working on new material this time? Give me some information about it.
Don of the Dead: NunSlaughter is always writing and recording. We just finished 8 new songs for 3 more split records. We have another 6 songs that we are going to record after the New Year.We have a good solid sound and our guitarist played all the bass as well as both guitars. He did an excellent job and we have some of the best NunSlaughter recorded to date.
9. I'm not sure but I don't think that you have ever played live in Greece. Is there any possibility to play? Have you ever visited Greece? Do you know/like any Greek bands?
Don of the Dead: We have not had a chance to get to Greece yet. We have not been requested to play in Greece. I still write the Varathron!
10. Tell me about the plans of Nunslaghter about live shows and new releases.
Don of the Dead: We will continue to write and release material. There is no stopping the mighty NunSlaughter machine. Look for a tour in mid 2011 through Europe. We always like to meet new metal fans out on the road. Metal is Death Death is Metal NunSlaughter Death Metal.