Panzerfaust (Canada) 25/09/2013

I am really satisfied that Panzerfaust, the amazing band from Canada with the intense and ‘difficult’, but of high quality music, contacted me. So I can promote, even to a small audience this standing out band. Standing out not only regarding the music but also regarding their members that they have strong personality, stable and structured ideas and everything needed so that a band stop just play their instruments and reach the level of art. I thank Kaizer for the nice interview.
1. Hello Kaizer and thanks for the interview. First of all would you like to give me a brief biography of Panzerfaust? Where did you meet with the other members and how Panzerfaust came to life?
Kaizer: You're very welcome. Panzerfaust began as a project with Lord Baphomet and myself in 2005. Both of us were quite young at the time, and neither of us was aware of anyone who shared a particular interest in the style of music we found ourselves aligned with. It was quite simple, we discussed starting our own project and thus Panzerfaust was established. Ironically, I had met both Lord Baphomet and Morbid on the same day - however Morbid did not join the band until some years later, he was the primary prospect to triangulate the band. Sometime in mid 2006 we had Goliath initiated into the ranks assuming the role of the fronting vocalist (a position which I had previously employed) and thus formed the fourfold structure on which we find ourselves balanced today.
2. I found on the internet that Panzerfaust was the name of an anti-tank weapon of Germany in the World War 2. Why did you choose this name for the band? What do you want to express and represent with it?
Kaizer: Initially it had been a result of the deep-rooted interest both LB and I had in military history, particularly with that of the second World War. This name has earned us much flack with the accusations that we are a NSBM band. This is nonsense. Anytime I am fronted with this charge I respond as I always have: Read the lyrics; do some work on your own account, and you will come to the obvious conclusion that is not the case. As for the bearing or significance the name holds, it has gone through something of a metamorphosis for me internally. Time has proven that this band is both a weapon towards the world as well as a weapon unto ourselves; a reflection of the trials and tribulations spawned from the band’s very existence. Within this profound context, I believe the deepest meaning can be found.
3. Recently you released your third album, “Jehovah-Jireh: The Divine Anti-logos”. In my opinion it is a very good album. How the reaction of the fans and the press has been so far? Are you satisfied?
Kaizer: Thank you. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from all factions of the metal spectrum, and we are grateful for that. On the matter of whether or not we are satisfied is something of a complex answer. I cannot say we are ever satisfied. We are always hungry, bound by our own discontent - dichotomized between the music we have written and the music that is to come. The truth be it told is that the music on 'Jehovah-Jireh..' was written some 2-4 years ago and on forestallment to be released until early this year. This sluggishness has sparked the realization that we truly have only put about 15 percent of our potential, subsequently igniting a fire within us to begin writing anew, something worthy of our discipline and conviction. In sum, we are content with the album, but NEVER satisfied.
4. Do you want to give me some information about your new album, about the composition and the recording process etc.?
Kaizer: Well, "Jehovah-Jireh" quite literally in vernacular language is translated to "The LORD will provide.." cited from the Book of Genesis as being the location where God orders Abraham to sacrifice this own son. This is essentially the broad concept and narration of the album - the communication with a 'divine' figure that if exists in the biblical context could only be that of a megalomaniacal, infanticidal, pestilential and genocidal nature. The observations and writhing wherein the narrator; the wanderer; the spectator finds himself gazing upon is the ethos of this record. Chronologically, the album takes the form from the initial contemplation of the metaphysical questions with 'Ephphatha' (be opened). From there on, the questions of creation, revelation, redemption and free will are analyzed from the distant, skeptic view. Consequently, the album is summarized with 'The Apple of Infinite Knowledge' - inscribing and acknowledging the transcendence of the ethical rot from which the 'viewer' found himself observing; the conclusion I had found myself at in the final stages of the writing process of this album.
5. Do you want to tell me about the process of the composition? Do you write all together or one is responsible for the music?
Kaizer: It varies. Every song has the potential to initiate from any corner of the Panzerfaust faction. It is quite often the case that a riff or concept may be initiated by me and brought to the table, however this is by no means exclusive. The music can only ever begin to formulate with the collaboration of all our efforts and ideas. That is when the music is truly assembled. We have learned over the years to devoid all conventions when it comes to the writing of music. - Negate all presuppositions of what we think the sound 'should' sound like, and unchain ourselves inside (and out of) the lawless domain we call our art. The music is almost invariably contrived in a utter stage of disorder and chaos; and we would not have it any other way.
6. In my opinion, your music is more influenced by the European Black Metal sound than the American. What do you think about that? Which bands or music genres do you think has influenced your sound?
Kaizer: I don't have an opinion on this one way or another. As a listener, you may have a better take on this than perhaps we would. We write the music we think is the most accurate reflection of our collective goal. None of us are minimalists in any respect. We all have overlapping and non-overlapping tastes in both metal and non-metal music. Subjecting yourself to a certain (sub) genre exclusively is a capitulation made by the most egregious of fools. With that being said, our spectrum of interest is quite vast - anywhere from Johnny Cash to Arvo Part to Funeral Mist.
7. Your lyrics are very interesting concerning both your style of writing and the subjects you deal with. What inspires you to write your lyrics and how important are the lyrics to your music?
Kaizer: The lyrics are equally important to the substance of the music as the instrumentation is. Writing music without a prism in which to manifest it is senseless in my view. With that being said, the inspiration to write lyrics comes from simply existing; observing. Some of us in this world have an almost distressing need to write down that which we see and feel, and for me it is no different. Although I don't yearn for the battle with the blank page as I have come to see it, I do however feel that I have a culpable obligation to engage in that battle. It reckons a spiritual dimension to the music we play, and hopefully encourages the listener/reader to envision, question and intellectualize that which they are attempting to comprehend. I think this is one of the most important faculties of analyzing any piece of art, and there is no exception here.
8. I’ve seen some photos of your live appearances and they gave me the impression that your performances are very intense and psychologically painful for the audience. Also, I think, you have theatricality in your performances. Can you describe me a live performance of yours?
Kaizer: I don't think I will be able to objectify our live performance for you as we take it upon ourselves to each time modify it. The live performance is the ultimate formulation of all the elements of Panzerfaust. You're quite correct in saying that the performance is psychologically painful, or at least that is the intention we have when we're playing. The performance should leave you feeling troubled (at least in the subconscious). When on stage, it is not merely a show put on for the peoples’ enjoyment, it is for us a collective abnegation; a release into our musical void. Some might call it a spiritual experience, and I find myself short for words when trying to describe it as anything else.
9. Have you begun writing material for your next release? When do you plan to have your new release ready?
Kaizer: Yes, we have. That is currently our primary and exclusive project - to write an album worthy of our blessing. We have absconded from the stage and are working to write the best album we possibly can; no compromise. We are taking an entirely new approach to writing this new album - if I may again use the term again 'devoid of all conventions'. I have had what you might call a 'revelation' in this regard; an opening of my mind to the ways in which a song can be approached and written. We are very excited to be taking this fresh and untrodden approach, and time will tell if that proves to be the best decision. We will never stagnate - for we acknowledge that if that wretched day were to come - Panzerfaust would seize to exist.
10. What is your opinion of the Canadian Black Metal scene of today? Are you in contact or cooperation with another band from Canada? Do you want to suggest me any new bands from Canada that you like?
Kaizer: The Canadian scene is ever-changing. There are some great people/bands and there are some pathetic excuses for human beings. You being a black metal enthusiast (I'm assuming) know what kind of amazing stupidity that can assume the tale that wags the whole dog we call the black metal movement. However, there are bands and individuals (I use this word purposefully) who keep the entire movement from swinging on its axis. If I can recommend to you one band that invariably comes to mind when I think of a band that stands out musically above the herd, it would be Thantifaxath. Take a listen, you will not be disappointed.
11. Do you want to sum up your near future plans and add anything for conclusion?
Kaizer: I believe all that is appropriate to discuss has been covered. Once Panzerfaust has arisen from the cave it currently resides in, all the questions may be answered.Regards.On behalf of Panzerfaust. Kaizer