Release date:01/01/2011
Label:Drakkar Productions

Liturgia Haeresis

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  • 1.
    Death's Empire Conqueror04:41
  • 2.
    Underworld Temple03:54
  • 3.
    Sons of Destiny03:49
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • 6.
    Legio Mortis Nostrae02:59
  • 7.
    Umbra Patri03:53
  • 8.
    Darkland Worship04:19
  • 9.
    Liturgia Haeresis06:24
  • 10.
    Black Winter Day (Amorphis cover)03:54

The Review

“Liturgia Haeresis” is the third full length album of Patria, a duo from Brazil which was formed in 2008 and their music is a journey through the old Norwegian sound. In this album there are ten fast tracks baptized in the Norwegian sound of the first half of the ‘90ies with many rhythmic Thrash and some mid tempo Heavier passages.

The riffs are very powerful, full of frozen hatred, in some moments epic, they create a ritualistic – occult atmosphere in the album. The guitars with much distortion, completely raw perform with special passion and feeling the very interesting riffs. The bass is quite in the background so that they can be hardly heard. The drums are good, without any mistakes and offering not only to the music but also to the tracks’ feeling. The vocals are completely raw, harsh, with much intensity and passion but without much variety. The production that the band wants to achieve is that kind of old school raw production almost untouched in the studio, and they succeed to make that production and it fits very well with the style of the compositions. The only thing that I would like to be corrected is the bass’ sound.

The tracks are some in English and some in Portuguese and they deal with hateful feelings, solitude, nature and some antichristian views. There is also a cover of Amorphis that I really didn’t understand for what reason they put it in the album and ruin the frozen atmosphere. However Patria offer a very good album of raw untouched Norwegian Black Metal which didn’t tire me at all and I really enjoyed it. Give your money without fear.