Release date:11/01/2012
Label:Hass Weg Productions

Les fragments du chaos

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  • 1.
  • 2.
    Le verre04:03
  • 3.
    Le poison06:07
  • 4.
    La corde04:48
  • 5.
    La poudre06:32
  • 6.
    Le vide03:40
  • 7.
    La nature05:49
  • 8.
    La folie03:53

The Review

Pendulum from France is in fact a side project band of the members of Apoptosis and of the vocalist of Mind Asylum. They were formed in 2009 and “Les Fragments du Chaos” (2012) is their first release. In this album, the band gives us eight “Fragments of chaos”, directly without unnecessary or explanations, simply by name. Quite inventive trick in order to motivate the listener’s interest concerning the ideological – philosophical background of the band and in order to create a mysterious atmosphere, even before you listen to the album.

About the music part of the album, the band plays a mix of Norwegian Black Metal, with those melancholic melodies of the French sound. Also you will come across to a few parts which remind of dsbm, both in the disharmonic riffs and in the way the vocalist delivers special passages and parts. The riffs are interesting, they are divided into melancholic fast and into mid – tempo, disharmonic, which bring to your mind dsbm riffs. Every instrument is played well. The vocalist is very good, he passes the tracks’ feeling to the listener easily. The vocals are harsh, typical Black Metal vocals which in a few parts are becoming shrieks. The production is bassy and clean. The is quite good, although the sound of the bass could be a little cleaner and louder. The lyrics are written in French and, by the few French I could understand, they deal with solitude and with various dark, psychological situations.

Generally the album, although it hasn’t anything new to offer, is a good effort. Although they reminded me of other bands of the French scene a lot, they have added their personal element to the compositions, which is important. Those of you who love the French sound, “Les Fragments du Chaos” is a good purchase. The rest of you, listen to it before you buy.