Release date:30/04/2010
Label:Sun & Moon Records
Limitation:1000 copies

Il canto dei sepolcri

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  • 1.
  • 2.
    Il canto dei sepolcri06:57
  • 3.
    Notturne rievocazioni07:08
  • 4.
    Trascendenza mistica06:14
  • 5.
    Rivela a te stesso l'essenza...04:38
  • 6.
    Egoico delirio spirituale06:04
  • 7.
    Torneremo all'alba di un nuovo sole06:00
  • 8.

The Review

Permixtio is a one man band, was formed in 2008 and they have released two full length albums. Although they come from Italy, their sound has nothing to do with the Italian Black Metal. In “Il Canto Dei Sepolcri” there are eight compositions, of which one intro and one outro, frozen Black Metal which evolves from the slow depressive to the fast, hateful parts and vice versa.

The riffs in slow parts are monotonous, frozen, once depressive once more epic and generally simple, but they put out much feeling and keep the listener’s interest. The fast riffs which are fewer, are quite interesting and remind of the Scandinavian sound. That thing that annoyed me was the riffs’ similarity between different tracks. The guitars play the main role in the compositions and they are quite good. The drums do their job well without having anything special to be mentioned. The vocals are raw, harsh Black Metal vocals, monotonous but very expressive. The production is harsh and a little noisy without making the listen difficult or annoying. On the other hand the production makes the depressive and frozen style of the album more intense. As about the mix, the guitars are heard louder as long as the vocals whereas the drums are a little lower than they should be. Unfortunately the bass is completely buried and you can’t hear it. The lyrics are written in Italian and I don’t know what they deal with.

In general this album created me mixed feelings. Surely it has many good elements and if some annoying parts have been worked more, it would be a good album. It worth the listen and you form your own opinion. But for sure listen to it before you buy.