Possession Ritual (United States) 27/03/2012

Because of the recent release of Possession Ritual, I contacted the real creator of Crimson Moon and the only member of PS for more information. With a very good and talkative mood, Scorpios answered me about his past in the U.S.A., the first split up of Crimson Moon, as also about his creative wonderings and his cooperation with other bands. A very interesting interview follows.
1. Hail Scorpios, thanks a lot for the interview. Do you want to give me some information about Crimson Moon and generally what are you doing at the moment?
Scorpios Androctonus: Hello, I more or less have been returning Crimson Moon towards the form as it was started, doing things on my own, with the assistance of Mr. Vorskaath on drums for some material. There is new material recorded, and being prepared for release at the time being, further details will be made available when the time is right.
2. I see that you have participated in many bands apart from Crimson Moon, also some Greek bands. Do you want to tell me anything about those projects and also your relation with those Greek bands?
Scorpios Androctonus: In some cases just due to contacts that have been established and shared perception of music. I have been playing bass for Zemial as of 2009, as until last year they were also residing in Germany. Mainly as a session bassist for live shows and on a track of the last single, titled “Cries behind the Golden Walls” and worked with some tracks on the last Acherontas release.
3. In your lyrics you write about the Occult and Vampirism. Which is the philosophy you follow and it pushes you to write lyric? What do you want to express through your music?
Scorpios Androctonus: I don’t associate my beliefs through one established philosophy or set of mutual views. The expression that is meant to be portrayed through the music and lyrical content is indeed associated with occult symbolism. Therefore how one wishes to interpret the meaning, is subject to variation. It is a common ground of relation that the lyrics may adapt to the listeners views and based upon powerful symbolism.
4. There is a weird matter in Crimson Moon for some time now. I don’t know much about it so I want to ask you what the situation between Nocturnal Overlord and you is. What happened with the band’s rights? Are still out there two different Crimson Moon bands?
Scorpios Androctonus: It’s actually quite simple and I have stated this before, but for the record: I started Crimson Moon in 1994 and it was a solo project, which resulted in the 1994 demo. Other than that, I have no nice words to offer. I can say I created Crimson Moon to do things for a personal reason, someone who didn’t create the concept and name does something for a different reason.
5. Have you contacted, after the split up, Nocturnal Overlord again?
Scorpios Androctonus: No, though we did tour in 2007 (after removing N.O from the lineup) and play very close to where he lives. I added him to the guest list. Unfortunately he and his lawyers didn’t show up. Perhaps he was in the state of transition of a more useful host to leech off of.
6. Recently you released a new album with your other project, Possession Ritual. Do you want to give me some information about that project?
Scorpios Androctonus: This is a project I decided to do in 2006 after acquiring an acoustic drum set and being without one for many years. I was just back from a small tour in the U.S. and had a lot of ideas at the time to record which came into Possession Ritual. I had been doing Sabnack up until then as a solo project as far as Black Metal goes, but was using a drum machine and taking advantage of high tempo patterns. So having at the time only a single bass drum/pedal and not up to shape with double bass playing, I decided to take things in a slower tempo with real drums with a new project.
7. The music of Possession Ritual is very ritualistic and psychotic. How do you get inspired to write music? Which part of you, do you want to express by PR?
Scorpios Androctonus: It’s inspired by negative/destructive aspects of the occult, magick and Necromancy. During that particular tour in 2006 we played the Gathering of Shadows festival with Demoncy and Incusrus, where we originally met. For Incursus’ set. They had brought large bins of dead road kill from across the state in the middle of Summer that were basically fermenting in liquid, filled those into cauldrons with gasoline and lit them on fire. – Even out in the open mountain air of the GOS, the air was filled with the smoke and smell for hours from When Incursus played, while Demoncy played after and ongoing while Crimson Moon played Last until first signs of sunrise. The atmosphere was memorable and indescribable, at some points during Demoncy’s set, everyone had left the stage area down to the camp ground as the smell and smoke was too hard to tolerate for most. That was an event to witness that left an impression and helped spawn ideas for Possession Ritual.
8. Possession Ritual has been formed since 2006 but your first release came out in 2011. Why did it take you so long to release your material?
Scorpios Androctonus: I didn’t have any offers really until last year when Nihilward got in contact and agreed to release the material. I actually didn’t do any “label shopping” at all either as far as sending out demos or copies to labels. I figured a few tracks for examples were online, so if someone wanted to release it they could get in touch… and that took a while.
9. I know that you play live, with your bands or as a live member for other bands. Are you interested in performing live with Possession Ritual?
Scorpios Androctonus: I never really considered it since it’s a solo project. I live in a rural area and to find other musicians to get a live line-up for Possession Ritual together would be difficult enough just with logistics involved. I have what looks like is going to be a pretty busy touring schedule coming up with a band I just joined as bassist/backing vocalist so I don’t see any PR shows happening in the near future.
10. Will you continue working with PR? When do you plan to release new material?
Scorpios Androctonus: Yeah Nihilward is interested in releasing another full length and they have been an excellent label to work with. I will begin working on material later in this year for a new album, and probably be ready to release something early 2013, though could be sooner or later. With Possession Ritual it has been a sort of thing I just record unplanned when the mood strikes. http://www.facebook.com/possessionritual
11. Which are your plans concerning music in the future? Are you working on new material at the moment? How will it sound?
Scorpios Androctonus: The music and the homage to Tiamat will always continue. As to how it would sound, I guess one could expect dissonance graced with constant intervals in exotic keys of disharmony.
12. Have you planned any new release in the near future? When?
Scorpios Androctonus: A 4-way split is now being finished with Crimson Moon, Akrabu, Acherontas and Shibalba. This will be released on CD format through Nihilward Records on Summer Solstice of 2012 and we are currently negotiating a 10” vinyl version of the release with other labels.
13. I think you live in Europe for some years now but you lived in the U.S.A. Why did you choose to come to live in Europe?
Scorpios Androctonus: I grew up in the U.S. and moved to Europe in 1998 and I do not like the U.S. for many reasons. Those reasons grow in number over the years, not just for me, but also in general for most people that aren’t brainwashed by the U.S. government and media. My heritage and family are from Europe and this is home to me. The U.S. likes to boast about freedom, yet I feel like there is much more freedom here than there. As a musician, there are more opportunities here for inspiration for my personal tastes as well. I have lived and visited countries here where my ancestors established their mark and have no shame in taking pride of that. It’s a feeling you can’t experience in the U.S. to this degree.
14. What is your opinion about the Black Metal scene in the U.S.A.? Is there much difference, concerning the way of thinking, between the U.S. scene and the European scene?
Scorpios Androctonus: I don’t play live so often and rarely go to shows. The scene as far as general ways of thinking, behaving etc varies in every country I have been to and even between regions in one country. The Black Metal scene has changed since I lived there. The U.S. scene’s popularity has grown, which offers pros and cons. More people at shows, more bands… both good and bad, the ratios haven’t changed much from what I noticed however.
15. Are there any new bands you support and like to propose? Do you like any band from the Greek scene, old or new?
Scorpios Androctonus: I actually don’t listen to music much lately other than the stuff I work on and what I like and is not new at all. As far as Black Metal is concerned, the only band that blew me away recently would be Oranssi Pazuzu. From the Greek scene I like the Acherontas material, and not just because I did some tracks for the new release, it actually is something new that I like. Aphrodite’s Child is something else from Hellas I find essential to listen to quite often. I listen to what I am in the mood for, and what the atmosphere calls for.
16. What is your opinion about Satanism and its different paths? What do you think about religion in general?
Scorpios Androctonus: That depends on which form of the many definitions of Satanism you are talking about. I have my own religion and nobody else may join it, but for anyone in need of slavery, I am always hiring.
17. Have you scheduled any live performances for Crimson Moon for this year? If yes where exactly?
Scorpios Androctonus: No, unless the atmosphere is similar to the Gathering of Shadows.
18. Have you ever visited Greece for a live or anything? Do you have any plans for a live in Greece?
Scorpios Androctonus: I have played there live twice in Athens in 1998 and last time was in September 2011 with Zemial supporting Absu. where Proscriptor did vocals for Sleeping under Tartaros and that was definitely a memorable experience and event. I will be seeing much more of Greece in the future I am sure, so more shows there would be imminent as that continues. In the past Crimson Moon had a very strong underground fan base in Greece, of all places to play with Crimson moon live, Greece would be of top priority.
19. Do you want to add anything for conclusion?
Scorpios Androctonus: Thank you for the interview, I will end this with some links for Crimson Moon and my other work. Any other pages for Crimson Moon are not ran by me or are no longer updated, and any info such as Metal Archives is just blatantly wrong and I am not concerned with correcting it when it just gets edited by someone else who does not know about basic facts. I believe the info is still readable here without a facebook account, if you are anti-facebook and have difficulty reading the info on the pages without an account you can contact me at crimsonmoon666(at)hotmail(dot)com for an alternative source. . http://www.facebook.com/Crimsonmoonxeper http://www.facebook.com/possessionritual http://www.facebook.com/sabnack43 http://www.facebook.com/talktothedead http://www.facebook.com/Akrabu777 http://www.facebook.com/SerpentSeducedEve