Arist:PreEmptive Strike 0.1
Release date:01/01/2014
Label: Sonic Hell Records

Pierce Their Husk

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  • 1.
    Pierce Their Husk (feat Niklas Kvarforth) (Original version)04:21
  • 2.
    Pierce Their Husk (feat Niklas Kvarforth) (Skiltron NV 101 Remix)04:36
  • 3.
    Interstellar Threat (feat V28) (2014 Industrial Metal Version)05:05
  • 4.
    Interstellar Threat (feat V28) (Nyne Remix)04:27
  • 5.
    The New Era of Immortality(Leyfthrasyr vs PreEmptive Strike 0.1)03:58
  • 6.
    Insects Intrude/The War Against the Bugs (Vigilante Remix)02:56
  • 7.
    Interstellar Threat(feat V28) (Nano Infect vs Degenerated Sequences Club Remix)04:29

The Review

I was always thinking that in some cases EBM can get quite close regarding the atmosphere or even the feeling that Black Metal puts out. The surprise was big when Shadow of Odium Records told me that he released by his label the new EP of the Greek Preemptive Strike 0.1. The band exists since 2002, it consists of two members and it has released until now three albums. Pierce their husk is their third release and it contains seven compositions of overall duration of about half an hour. As you might have already understood, here we have a band of clear EBM with some industrial elements.

The music that the band presents us here is dark, brutal and violent. It reminded me a lot of Hocico but without copying them while the industrial elements that we come across into many parts, they give a very dark and frozen character to the music. The melodies are full of energy and violence, almost possessed, while the atmosphere that they create is very dark and threatening. The collaborations that they have done in every track, they all come from the Black Metal genre and that is why a Black Metal aesthetic is almost immediately perceived by the few but characteristic guitars’ Industrial Black Metal riffs. The tracks have a quite specific and straightforward structure, as it usually happens with EBM, that is that there are the main verses, the refrain and a few bridges and passages between them. So combined with the beautiful melodies, the tracks don’t tire the listener and they maintain their interest during their overall duration. The production puts out a very clean sound but at the same time powerful and dark. What may annoy me a little is the absence of the bass which makes the tracks somehow empty and without depth. The vocals so as the music, they are furious, violent, harsh very expressive Black Metal vocals that they fit perfectly to the style of the music. The lyrics are written in English but unfortunately they are not contained into the promo that I recieved.

Those of you who are still continue to read until now, I am sure that you will check Pierce their husk. It is a very nice opportunity so that you discover another side, if not of the same but for sure relative to Black Metal “coin”. Generally I believe, despite my little experience on this genre, that it is a good release. I think that it worth to give them one chance and listen to this EP. But for sure it is not a Black Metal release so listen to it before you buy.