Arist:Primeval Mass
Release date:02/05/2013
Label:Katoptron IX Records

Blood Breathing Idols

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  • 1.
    Rites of Transcendence06:51
  • 2.
    Blood Breathing Idols07:08
  • 3.
  • 4.
    Spheres of Deliverance02:30
  • 5.
    The Scarlet Horns03:45
  • 6.
    Amongst the Ruins of Cosmos04:58
  • 7.
    Thine Art the Sulphur Plagues07:40
  • 8.
    Teeth like Daggers02:37

The Review

Primeval Mass return at the end of 2012 with their new album which has the weird name “Blood Breathing Idols”. For all those who don’t know, the band comes from Greece, it was formed in 2000 and it consists of two members. This album is their second full length album, while they have also released three demos and one split album, and it contains eight compositions, two of which are atmospheric introductions with ambient elements, of total duration of forty minutes. Primeval Mass loyal to their sound, they don’t present something different regarding the direction that their music follows also in the previous releases, with the important difference to be that in this album they seem more mature and experienced. So musically the listener will find a mixture of dark, Scandinavian Black Metal with many influences by Thrash and a few references to Heavy.

The band has done a very good job concerning the riffing. We find fast, stormy Scandinavian riffs which are followed by rhythmic, full of energy, thrashy riffs while we will come also across the Heavy influences, the slow dark riffs and finally some epic parts. The tracks have much variety and quite good structure so that the listener listens to it pleasantly and with interest. Orth has also done a very good work in the stringed instruments that they are his responsibility. The sound of the guitar is distorted and dark, while technically it is perfect, without mistakes, with accuracy and feeling in the performance of the compositions. The bass is behind the guitar, so it is not audible during the entire duration of the album but it fills the sound well and has interesting lines, when they are audible. The other member of the band, Alex Zachos, has written fast and very interesting lines for the drums, while his performance is perfect, giving the energy, the power and the stability that the compositions require. The vocals are harsh and raw Black Metal vocals which fit to the style of the compositions.

Another strong point of this album that it must be mentioned is the very good production. The sound comes out bassy and full, it makes the compositions massive and it highlights their powerful approach. The mixture is quite good. The lyrics are written in English and they are contained in the cd and as you have already understood by the beautiful cover and the title of the album, the band deals with ancient beliefs, occultism and more, written in a very beautiful and mysterious way.

To sum up, I believe that “Blood Breathing Idols” is a quite good album, in my opinion more mature by their previous works of the band, that the listener listens to it pleasantly, with interest and has to offer beautiful moments to the listener. For sure here there is no novelty or anything that you have never heard before, but we have a sincere and qualitative work which worth to be honored. The fans of the Scandinavian Black Metal buy it or at least listen to it.