Release date:13/08/2010

Accursed Oblivion

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  • 1.
    Lake of Infinite Pain (Intro)02:25
  • 2.
    Accursed Oblivion05:02
  • 3.
    Forever Burning Soul05:13
  • 4.
    Spectral Incursion (Outro)02:37

The Review

Accursed Oblivion is the second album of Pyrophoric. This album consists of 2 tracks, an intro and an outro. For sure there is much improvement in this album both in composition and in other parts that had a problem in the first album. The band continues playing in the same style with the previous album, that is barbaric old school Death/Black with thrash elements and strong experimental – progressive tendencies.

The riffs are heavy, with many Thrashy breaks. There are some good moments but the many changes in the rhythm and riffs, besides that they are tiring, at the end the listener has lost the good moments of the tracks. The guitars’ and bass sound is dirty but it doesn’t annoy or makes the instruments’ listen difficult. Generally the sound that the production succeeded to achieve is bassy and dirty but it fits very much to the style of the album. The drums also in this album come from a drum machine. Their sound, although it is improved than the first album, is still dry and lifeless, but fortunately without the first album’s mistakes in the rhythm. The vocals are dirty heavy vocals that remind of the school of american war Metal bands. The lyrics in the first track are the artist’s personal thoughts about life and god whereas the second is an extreme manifestation of hatred and torture. The intro and the outro are quite atmospheric ambient tracks which succeed in creating an occult horror atmosphere.

Overall I appreciate the fact that the band shows improvement from their first album but I believe that there is still much way to go in order to offer to us a good album. With the improvement that I see from album to album, they may give us a good album in their next release. I wouldn’t suggest you to buy this album before you have listened to it and that I suggest it mainly to those how like more experimental stuff. The rest just skip.