Release date:10/10/2009
Limitation:300 copies

Diabolizing the Priest

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  • 1.
    Forgotten Cemeteries (Intro)03:02
  • 2.
    Black Maelstrom05:17
  • 3.
    Diabolizing the Priest04:53
  • 4.
    Crystal Cube of Death04:11
  • 5.
    Revealing the Grotesque04:35
  • 6.
    Religious Overthrow06:02
  • 7.
    Infernal Blackthrash Evil Force03:45

The Review

Pyrophoric is an one man band from Mexico that is formed in 2009 and here they present us their first job. Diabolizing the priest consists of 7 tracks of old school Black/Death with Thash influences. Firstly I want to comment on the cover. This is one of the worst and most amateur – poorly done cover that I have ever seen. If you can’t find someone to do a good design or you don’t have the money to make something good, put in the cover something really simple or a picture.

Let’s move on to the musical part of the album, the riffs are heavy and although they are quite interesting their sound is bad that they get lost in many parts. The truck’s structure is straightforward and simple as the track consists of the main riff, a catchy refrain and some faster breaks or guitar solos. The track Crystal Cube of Death really surprised me because apart from the vocals that are Death/Black, musically the track is industrial. The vocals differ from track to track. In a track they are dirty old school Death vocals, in other tracks they are more harsh slightly worked in the studio and in some parts tent to clean vocals. The worst part of the album is the drums. First of all come from a drum machine. Their sound is really very bad, dry, flat, lifeless and it don’t give depth to the tracks. Also there are several rhythmic mistakes in the programming. The production is bassy, the drum machine is so much in the frontline that you notice only the drums and lose the riffs. Also the riffs’ distortion hasn’t been worked well enough so in some parts it creates buzzing. There were no lyrics in the promo that I got but I imagine that they deal with antichristian stories and blasphemy.

This album although generally it’s bad, it has some really interesting tracks. The creator’s tendency for music experiments, introducing some progressive, doom and industrial elements, although they are not always good, they left me a good taste. Maybe the ideas were immature, maybe the artist didn’t have the means to achieve his goals, maybe he just didn’t manage to make a good album. However he has the desire to create something mentionable that maybe through experience and with hard work he can give that in his next release. Let’s wait. For the time being you should better skip this album.