Rotten Liver (France) 16/10/2013

The recent first release of Rotten Liver, caught my attention and intrigued me so that I contacted J.L., the bass player and the vocalist of the band, in order to give me some information. In this brief but comprehensive interview that follows you will learn whatever you would want to find out about the progress of the band so far.
1. Hails J.L. and thanks for the interview. Would you like to give me some information about Rotten Liver? Tell me about the members, how you met, about the beginning and your journey to today.
J.L.: First of all, thank you for this interview. Well, Rotten Liver is a band which was created by two guys, me (Bass and vocals) and P.V.R (Drums), with the will to create an entity, to explore our mind. Finding musicians interested by our vision of Black Metal into a little town such as ours has not been easy. With patience we found two talented guitar players (V.L and T.D) to grow the coven up.
2. Rotten Liver is a quite weird name, in my opinion, that it would fit more maybe to a Death Metal band. How did you decide to name the band like that and what to you want to represent by that name?
J.L.: For us this name makes sense, it's a representation of the organic purification corrupted by something dark and dirty. We totally understand how that name can confuse.
3. Recently you released your first EP, “Purification by Debauchery”. Do you want to tell me more about the materialization of the EP?
J.L.: This will contain 4 tracks (Infamous Nil, Become The Arcantropos, Black'n'Rot, and Purification By Debauchery) for a duration of about 20min.
4. I think that your music has its roots deep into old school Heavy/Thrash/Death/Black. I found various influences by all genres mentioned above, others more others less, but all under the flag of old school sound. What do you think about that? What inspires you to write music?
J.L.: Maybe, we listen to a lot of musical genres, not only Metal, we do not impose ourselves any barrier for the composition, old school or not, it doesn't matter to us. Concerning our inspiration, to write music for Rotten Liver, I must be under some altered states, resulted by alcohol, meditation, sex or esoterical practicing.
5. Unfortunately, I haven’t read your lyrics, so do you want to tell me something about your lyrics? Which is the concept of your lyrics and what pushes you to write them?
J.L.: It's talking about Gnosis, chaos, sex, death. I write lyrics very compulsively.
6. “Purification by Debauchery” was released by Mortis Humanae Productions. Is this the first time that you meet them or you knew them and their work before this release? Are you satisfied by their support and promotion, so far?
J.L.: No, we were looking for a label to release our EP, we have contacted a lot of labels, and Mortis Humanae was interested and their deal was the most interesting for our project's future. We are very satisfied by their work for the moment.
7. How good or bad is the reaction of the fans and the press to “Purification by Debauchery”? Is that reaction what you expected? Are you satisfied by the comments so far?
J.L.: At the time i am writing, the EP is not released yet (It will be out tomorrow, by the way), we have not any idea of the reaction of the fans, but the press returns are very good.
8. I think that you have played in some gigs during summer. How was that experience for you? Have you planed any other lives in the near future?
J.L.: We have played, only one gig this summer with our friends from Hexecutor and the outrageous Cadaveric Fumes. That was amazing for us, a lot of people and friend were here. For us playing live is a ceremony, a way to a transcendental state. We have nothing planned for the moment unfortunately. The gig organizers in our area are more interested by shitty brutal death or decerebrate punk-hardcore.
9. The French underground scene has become huge and yes, there is a lot of crap but also I think there are a lot of great bands. What is your opinion about the French scene? Are you in contact or cooperation with other bands or musicians? Is there a band that you respect and like to suggest me?
J.L.: Yes we have a great scene with bands like, Aosoth, Glorior Belli, Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord and many others! We are very close friend with Sentinelles, a Black Metal band of our town (Vannes, in western France) that we have known for many years and also Hexecutor a Thrash Metal band in which P.V.R plays as well. There are many local bands that people should look into, such as Sentinelles, Malysteria, Les Chants De Nihil, Cadaveric Fumes, and if you like Thrash Metal listen to Hexecutor!
10. Have you begun writing music for your next release? Will it be another EP or you are prepared to work on your first full length? When do you plan to have it ready for release?
J.L.: We have a lot of material in the state of pre-production, we have planned to record and release a couple of track for a split in the future.
11. Do you want to sum up your near future plans and add anything for conclusion?
J.L.: The recording process of "Purification by Debauchery» was back in January, we really can't wait to record our next wrongdoing. Thank you for this interesting Interview, and to all who will read it!