Sad (Greece) 20/03/2013

Those of you who don’t know them, Sad is the two man band from Athens with already five albums and many EP and split releases and a some years and a lot of experience inside Black Metal. Sometime after this interview their new album “Devouring the Divine” was released, so it is a good opportunity to get to know Ungod, one of the two founding members and their composer.
1. Hello Ungod, thanks for the interview. First of all do you want to give me some information about Sad? How did they start, how did you decide to give that name to the band, about the members and some words about the releases.
Ungod: Hails. Thank you too. Sad were formed in 2005 by Nadir and me. There was no particular reason for our name, it just came up and we both agreed on it. I compose and perform all music, and Nadir writes and performs all lyrics and vocals. We have four full length albums and we are expecting for our fifth one to be released by the end of next month, we also have one EP release, a box set release and four split releases with some bands which are Warwulf, Sapthuran, Malmort and Mourning Forest.
2. I have come across to your name also in some other bands (I liked Slaughtered Priest a lot). Do you want to talk to me about your other bands, what kind of music do you play and what is that you want to express through each?
Ungod: Indeed I do have some other bands besides Sad, which are Slaughtered Priest, Necrohell, Kvele and Necrochakal. I used to have Insidius Infernus and I was in Nargothrond but these belong to the past. Slaughtered Priest is a black-speed-thrash metal band in the vein of true old school with influences by old Bathory, old Venom, Razor and many more alike. Necrohell is an unholy black metal band mainly influenced by the masters of the kind (in my opinion) Darkthrone! Kvele is a fast black metal band in the vein of Marduk and Dark Funeral, and Kvele is a band where I am not the one who is in charge of the music, I only perform drums and bass, Nadir is also a member of Kvele. Last but not least Necrochackal is a new band that I bother myself with, playing black-thrash metal and their main influences are Sarcofago, Vulcano and many more.
3. I know that you are the composer of Sad. I think that your music is clear, harsh, old school Black Metal which puts out an intense feeling of melancholy and pessimism. How do you describe your music and how do you get inspired to compose it?
Ungod: I do not need to be under a certain feeling condition in order to compose a track for Sad, they just come to me from my influences and from my eternal love and dedication in metal music.
4. Concerning the lyrics, if I don’t make any mistake, Nadir is responsible for them. Do you want to tell me what inspires him to write lyrics and what is that he wants to pass through them to the listener?
Ungod: Regarding lyrics, as you foretold Nadir is the one who one should ask. As far as I know, from knowing Nadir all these years, I think he deals with opposition to the organized religions, negativity and all those that makes humanity the scum of the earth.
5. Since your last full length album, “Abandoned and Forgotten”, you have released an EP and some split. When do you plan to release a new album? Give me some information about it and the new compositions, those you’ve completed.
Ungod: As I have already mentioned in your first question, our fifth album is going to be released by the end of next month, it will be released through Obscure Abhorrence on CD format and through Hass Weg productions on LP format, it is entitled “Devouring the Divine”. This album is mainly influenced by the “Finnish black metal scene”.
6. How were the comments you’ve received so far for your latest split, “And Nothing Shalt Remain”, by the fans and the press. Are you satisfied?
Ungod: We are more than satisfied with that release, our music is how we wanted it to be and Hass Weg has done an excellent job regarding our needs. Regarding the press and fans we are not the kind of people who bother themselves searching what has been said about us. We do not try to be seen as antisocial in any case, we are just too busy with our daily lives.
7. If a listener listens to your releases by the first to the more recent, can see quite big evolution. What is your opinion about that? What do you think is that which has made you a better musician or composer?
Ungod: I guess that there is a change in our releases, one could say that we have become more improved in some cases but this is something that we did not do on purpose, it just came out...
8. Which do you think are your biggest influences? What kind of music do you listen to in your spare time?
Ungod: Metal is my passion and I listen to it all day long. From Iron Maiden to Darkthrone, all my life circles around Metal. My influences regarding Sad's music comes from bands like Satanic Warmaster, Isvind, Horna, Baptism, Sargeist...and the list goes on....
9. Apart from the bands, you are in Black Metal also with your label Metal Throne Productions, is that correct? Do you want to give me some information about that?
Ungod: Metal Throne productions was formed in 2007 in order to release some bands that needed to be heard. I release mostly tapes and 7” EP vinyls. In the past there were some Cdr releases but we are done with it.
10. What is your opinion about the Greek Black Metal scene of the last decade? Is there cooperation and contact between the Greek bands? Are you in contact or do you cooperate with other bands?
Ungod: I do not bother myself with the so called Hellenic black metal scene and I have nothing to say about it.
11. With Slaughtered Priest you play live but I don’t remember if you have played with Sad. If yes, have you arranged any live in ’13 and where?
Ungod: Sad have played live once in Athens supporting Necrophobic. We have nothing planed yet for the future.
12. Which are your future plans? How do you dream the future of Sad?
Ungod: There is an upcoming split 7” EP release through Metal Throne productions, with Pagan Hellfire, probably by the end of May.
13. Thanks for the interview and I look forward to your next release. Do you want to sum up your future plans and tell me something for conclusion?
Ungod: Thanks a lot for the interview. Stay tuned for our next release.