Release date:15/03/2012
Label:Sun & Moon Records

A rothadó virágok színüket vesztik

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  • 1.
    Zuhanás (Falling)04:57
  • 2.
    Holnap majd felgyújtom az erdőt (I Will Burn the Forest Tomorrow)03:13
  • 3.
    Várnak a varjak (The Crows Are Waiting)01:50
  • 4.
    Ökörtej (Latte Bue)04:52
  • 5.
    Halványan az idő ellen (Faintly Against Time) [rehearsal]05:51
  • 6.
    A sajnálat utolsó lehelete (Last Breath of Regret) (Taxidermia) [rehearsal]04:38
  • 7.
    Bakarasznyi mumus01:41

The Review

Three years have passed since the release of their full length album but the Romanian wolves Siculicidium are still alive and return with the release of the EP “A rothadó virágok színüket vesztik”. The EP contains five new compositions and two rehearsal tracks coming from the previous album. Musically we won’t find many differences from the previous release. The band continues with its straightforward, Venom-ish Black Metal sound, with some folk touches.

The riffs mainly are groovy and straightforward with a structure that reminds of punk. From the other hand in this album there are also tracks with fast, dark and frozen riffs, while what makes good impression is the two smaller in duration tracks in which acoustic guitar is only used and they have folk sound. The guitars are dirty, quite powerful and with dark sound. The bass fills the sound very well while the drums with their very interesting lines add power to the tracks. The vocals are the same grumpy, monotonous vocals that reminds of Inquisition.

The production is clean and bassy, the sound is massive and powerful. Also both in the mix a good job has been done. So the combination of production with mix offers exactly that kind of sound which highlights the tracks and fits perfectly to their style. The lyrics both in this album are written in Hungarian. After some listens you will realize how much the Hungarian fits to the style and the music of Siculicidium.

Finally, Siculicidium didn’t just replay the tracks from the previous album and put them here in order to fill the album. The tracks have been played in quite different way and feeling. The sound is more harsh and frozen reminding the Scandinavian sound. This EP is a quite good warm up for their next full length album. The fans of the band buy it without fear. Also those who don’t know Siculicidium, listen to it because they deserve your attention.