Release date:07/01/2009
Label:Sun & Moon Records

Utolsó Vágta az Univerzumban

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  • 1.
    Utolsó vágta az Univerzumban08:36
  • 2.
    Halványan az idő ellen05:07
  • 3.
    Bizonytalan ideák 1-2 - Ellenállás! (Bizonytalan ideák pt. 2)07:38
  • 4.
    Talán (ha hallanám...)04:37
  • 5.
    A sajnálat utolsó lehelete (Taxidermia)04:42
  • 6.
    Lebomlás, lelassulás08:09

The Review

Siculicidium comes from Romania, was formed in 2003 and has released until now a demo, a split, an EP and a full length album. “Utolso Vagta az Univerzumban” (2009) is the band’s first full length album in which they play rhythmic Black Metal with simple and direct structure, in some tracks with an epic Bathory-like tendency while in other tracks with a simple Venom structure.

The riffs are minimal, monotonous, frozen but so powerful and passionate that keeps the listener’s interest steady throughout the album. About the drums and bass’ parts there have been done a very good job as they fill the sound as needed and they take a leading role where necessary. The vocals reminded me strongly of Inquisition and in some parts of Attila in “De mysteries…”. In general the vocalist is a mix of those two, good but not at the same level. The production that has been done in the album is amazing. Clean, a little bassy, gives a very balanced result. Unfortunately the lyrics are written in Hungarian so I don’t know what they are about as the English translation of the tracks’ titles doesn’t reveal much of their content.

Generally the entire album is interesting and the listen of it is very enjoyable. The tracks I liked most are: “Utolso Vagta az Univerzumban” and “Lebomlas, Lelassulas” (awesome track). The album is good and the band shows desire and passion. I think that it worth to support them.