Speculum Mortis (Italy) 20/11/2013

I don’t know how many of you have finally listened to the great album that Speculum Mortis released during 2013, but those of you who listened to it, surely you want to read this interview. I contacted Draughar, the drummer of the band and after some time, it is the time to publish this interesting interview.
1. Hails and thanks for the interview. First of all can you give me some information about Speculum Mortis? How did the band come to life, what about the members and what does Speculum Mortis mean?
Draughar: Thank you for the interview. Speculum Mortis were formed in 2003, and after several changes, we have now the definitive line-up. The sound of the band is influenced by the old school black metal and medieval themes, and the lyrics are about historical macabre themes. In fact, our first full length was 1348, released in 2006, a concept album about pest in Italy and Europe in that year… Speculum Mortis is a latin word that means “mirror of death”.
2. All members participate in other bands too. All of you are members of an old band of Italy Khephra. How did that experience help you in Speculum Mortis?
Draughar: It’s a great experience, because Khephra is a very important cult band in Italy, and the lineup is the same of Speculum Mortis; probably will be the same for many years, because there is a great harmony finally between us. This allows us to work with great energy in both projects.
3. I recently listen to “Borgia Orgia” and I must tell you that for me, it is one of the best albums of 2013. Do you want to give me some information about the album?
Draughar: Thank you for the compliments, we really appreciate it. We began to work Borgia Orgia immediately after 1348, it tells about another great macabre theme in our history, so we had no problem to choose it as a concept. Unfortunately several obstacles have hindered its release until today, but now we have to thank Magma Pure Underground distribution for the opportunity granted to us.
4. I read in the text that came with the album, that “Borgia Orgia” was ready to be released since 2008. Why you didn’t release it back then? You couldn’t find a label to release it or all their deals were crap?
Draughar: We tried to release the album with the previous label, Griffin music, because working with them to our first album was great, but now things went not so good, probably cause some internal troubles they had.
5. About the lyrics I know that you narrate the story of the Borgia family but because I don’t speak Italian I don’t understand anything more. Do you want to tell me more about your lyrics? How important are they for your songs and how do you get inspired to write them?
Draughar: SM lyrics are very important due to the historical background that characterizes the choosing of our concepts. There is a lot of material to work on, because of the importance of Italian history. We just have to choose the right ones and give them our interpretation, also thanks to our keyboarder Nik, historical researcher. So we choose the story of Borgia Family, leaded by Pope Alessandro VI, full of intrigues, lust and violence, that brings Rome to lose its historical holiness.
6. I think your music is very interesting mixture of old - school Heavy/Trash, Mercyful Fate, Scandinavian Black and some Italian ‘90ies Black. Do you agree? Which bands or music genres, do you think that have influenced your music?
Draughar: Yes, you are right. Our influence comes from old heavy metal and trash to black metal, without denying Celtic and medieval music. Two bands are really important for us: Bathory and Italian local cult band Mortuary Drape, and the featuring at the voice of Wildness Pervertion on our records made us really proud.
7. How good or bad is the reaction of the fans and the press to “Borgia Orgia”? Is that reaction what you expected and are you satisfied by the comments so far?
Draughar: Yes, we are really proud of the reaction of the fans, that's made us satisfied of our last release. We always went on in our direction keeping our style and working hard. Receive all of these nice comments it’s really great for us. We're sorry that external causes delayed the release of this album.
8. Have you begun writing music for your next release? Will it be your third full length and when do you plan to have it ready for release?
Draughar: We're already working on our new concept album, based on First World War and in particular on the most imposing battles fought by our army. This time there will be no need to wait long time, we should release it in the first months of 2014.
9. Are you satisfied with Magma Pure Underground Distribution so far by the promotion they do to your work? Will you continue cooperating with them also for your next release?
Draughar: We're totally satisfied of the work our label is doing for us, and their support it's very important for us. We think we will continue this relationship for the next releases too.
10. Do you play live? If yes have you planed any live performances for promoting “Borgia Orgia”? Have you ever visited Greece? Would you be interested to come?
Draughar: Live activity is not so intense, because we're planning many live gigs with Khephra. And our daily businesses not allow us to support such intense duty. SM will be more a “studio band” but we will not deny some occasional live. We never were in Greece but we would be happy to visit a country with such an important history.
11. What do you do in your spare time? What kind of music do you listen to?
Draughar: We all have family and work. So it's obvious that music keeps a big part of our free time, and we also have many side projects.
12. As Greece, Italy has problems with its economy. How much has this affected the people there and what impact it has to music and especially to Black Metal?
Draughar: We all always were with the ass on the ground, so we just look straight and carry on.
13. I think that the Italian Black Metal has a strong, devoted and of high quality underground scene with many mentionable bands. What’s your opinion about the Italian scene? Are you in contact or cooperate with any other band or musician from the scene? Do you want to suggest me any bands that you like and support?
Draughar: There are many bands in our region we're in contact with: Necroflesh, Entirety, Mourning Soul, True Endless, Acheronte, Black Faith, Mystical Fullmoon, Midriasy, Legione and most of all Mortuary Drape.
14. Do you want to sum up your near future plans and add anything for conclusion?
Draughar: We will continue to study history and write music about it following our inspirations. For conclusion, we want to say a typical italian folkloristic word: “porcodio”. Save yourself because noone will save you. A salute to all our fans!