Release date:22/03/2013
Label:Mortis Humanae Productions
Limitation:500 copies


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The Review

“Decadence” is another new release coming from the huge scene of France. Responsible for this album is a band from the region of Bordeaux that they consist of three members, they were formed in 2011 and they have released two works. “Decadence” is their first full length album which was released in March of 2013 and it contains eleven tracks of about forty five minutes of duration. So, the band presents to us a harsh, melancholic, in parts violent, Black Metal with influences by the French scene but also by the Scandinavian.

Inside the riffs, the listener can find many different styles and influences with the common characteristic of the entire album to be the dark atmosphere. We come across some dark, simplistic, raw riffs in the vein of Mutiilation, more melancholic, mid paced which brought to my mind Celestia while in many parts there is fast and harsh Black Metal of the Scandinavian school. However what draws attention are in some parts the very dark, completely psychedelic and monotonous riffs that apart from the dark atmosphere that they create, they cause to the listener feelings of fear and threat. The tracks are well structured and the band tries to have changes to the rhythm and to the riffs, something that unfortunately it doesn’t always make the track interesting.

The guitars have clean sound and they are played with enough accuracy and passion, although in some parts they cause uncertainty, something that riff may be responsible about. Regarding the drums, here the band has done the best job as both their lines are quite interesting, also they have power and they offer to the listener certainty and stability. By the band’s choice there is no bass. The vocals are very expressive, harsh Black Metal vocals which reminded me somehow of Mutiilation, they put out much passion and they fit to the style of the compositions. The production and mixture put out a clean and massive sound, there is a balance between the instruments that they all are distinct and although the absence of the bass is perceived, it doesn’t become annoying. The light interference to the sound gives a character more harsh and raw. The lyrics are written in English but they are not contained inside the promo I received.

The first work of Strynn generally creates good impression. Maybe in some parts the riffs to be somehow uninspired and to cause embarrassment but in the biggest part of the album we find powerfull and interesting Black Metal, played with passion and energy. I think that “Decadence” is a good first sample of Strynn that it surely leaves with a good taste in the end. Listen to it.