Arist:Suicidal Madness / Sombre Croisade
Release date:15/03/2012
Label:Mortis Humanae Productions
Limitation:250 copies

Molasar Dream's

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  • 1.
    Suicidal Madness - Intro02:01
  • 2.
    Suicidal Madness - Dans l'ombre de la nuit04:09
  • 3.
    Suicidal Madness - Atra Bilis02:06
  • 4.
    Suicidal Madness - Allience06:06
  • 5.
    Suicidal Madness - Pale Lueur06:27
  • 6.
    Sombre Croisade - Intro (Casus Belli)06:56
  • 7.
    Sombre Croisade - La mort naissante07:11
  • 8.
    Sombre Croisade - Glorieux destin06:34
  • 9.
    Sombre Croisade - Inertie mentale07:37

The Review

“Molasar Dream’s” is a recent split release that comes from the French underground scene in which Suicidal Madness and Sombre Croisade participate that by their names we understand that we deal with dsBM bands. Sombre Croisade consist of two members, were formed in 2008 and this split is their first release. The two members of Sombre Croisade participate also in Suicidal Madness with two other members, they were formed in 2010 and they have released a demo. So the split contains nine compositions, two of which are intros, of total duration about fifty minutes.

Suicidal Madness play slow tempo dsBM and you can characterize them as a bad copy of Nocturnal Depression. Their riffs are slow, depressing Doom, with very few changes during the track’s progress and completely boring. The guitars are dirty and they have nothing to offer to the listener. The bass and the drums fill the sound well but they don’t have anything of interest. The vocals are harsh, typical Black Metal vocals but quite monotonous. The production is dirty and bassy and puts out a nice sound for this kind of style. The mix is quite good, but not anything special.

The rest four tracks belong to Sombre Croisade which are closer to the cold, mid paced Black Metal with frozen-melancholic feeling. The riffs are of medium and slow pace, concerning their structure simple and quite repetitive that they touch the borders of boredom. The guitars are distorted and very dirty and the riffs’ deliverance is soulless and in some parts bad. The bass can’t be recognized while the drums are repetitive and their lines are boring. The vocals are harsh, heavy Black Metal vocals which don’t have anything of interest. The production is very bad as the sound gets so dirty that you can listen to buzzing. Generally the sound gave me the impression of a recorded rehearsal, so you understand that there is no mix or they haven’t paid any attention.

In general this split is a very bad release that I think it wouldn’t be interesting for any fan. Also the luck of personality, inspiration and originality annoys a lot. I don’t think that I will listen to this split again neither I will listen anything of the releases of these bands. Prefer to listen to something else. Avoid.