Sun of Nothing (Greece) 26/12/2010

Sun of Nothing is a Greek band that plays a really obscure metal sound. An interesting mixture of noise, doom and BLACK metal. I really liked this interview because it is not τοο long, it gets to the point and i agreed in almost every view presented here... We had a conversation with the frondman and singer of the band so enjoy...
1. Hails Sun of Nothing, thanks for the interview. Firstly, give me some information about the group. You are together for about 10 years. What’s your opinion about the journey of the band until now?
Ilias Apostolakis: Sun of Nothing exists 10 years. We formed the group because we had many shit in our heads that we must put out or else we would kill somebody. Our journey until now is satisfactory and we like that.
2. How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t listened to it? Which do you think are your musical influences?
Ilias Apostolakis: I would say to him that our music is rock but with the wide meaning of that... I can’t give a description of the music that we play because it changes as the journey of our life. Our musical influences sure are many to mention all of them. But for sure they are bands from hydrahead records amphetamine reptile records and black metal sounds but also many experimental sounds by nearly all the range of music.
3. You have created your own sound-style. From where do you get inspired to write music and lyrics?
Ilias Apostolakis: Everything that happens around us, everything that happens individually in our heads. That’s where we get our inspiration for the compete vision that is appeared as Sun of Nothing.
4. Two of your members participates in two other BLACK METAL bands. Which is your opinion about the Greek BLACK METAL scene in general? Are you in contact or do you cooperate with another band?
Ilias Apostolakis: At this time only Dimitris participates in the band End. In the Greek black scene the thing that annoys us is the “merciless true feeling” of some bands because unfortunately they show pseudo superior attitude. It’s a shame to put rules to a movement so open minded as black metal was in the past. For example they still do black and white covers grim and frostbitten poses etc... Also that nobody tries to release something of his own. This is too much I think. We haven’t cooperated with other bands. Contact, yes we do. Moreover Deus Ignotus in their new split tape with the French band abnorm, they did a cover of one song of our first album!
5. What kind of music do you listen to? Are there any bands that you respect for their music or attitude?
Ilias Apostolakis: We really listen to much music, music of many types. And we like many bands because of the music that they play. From indie rock to the fields of modern alternative metal sound, surely they are so many to write them now.
6. Which is your opinion about “religion”? Do you follow any philosophical direction and how it affects your music?
Ilias Apostolakis: As I know all of us believe that if we were living in a good world, the meaning of love, solidarity and the fact that you shouldn’t do to anybody that which you don’t like to happen to you by others, would help very much the situation. As for religions, they have to do about the manipulation of the masses. Lust for power and the submission of man to decadent ideas... About the philosophical direction that we have, it exists and it is inseparable with the peoples freedom to do whatever he wants and think whatever he wants without any control and repressive regimes over his head...
7. What reviews have you received by the Greek and international press? Your label, Venerate Industries, is a Greek label which deals with different sound of yours. Are you satisfied by the label and the promotion to the band? Would you prefer a label of abroad?
Ilias Apostolakis: The fact that we received good reviews from the beginning surprise us and it is a warm welcome in general. We received good reviews both by the Greek and the press from abroad. However those are just reviews and we don’t let our ego to grow by them and we keep up our journey. Venerate has a really avant garde roster of bands who don’t copy others but they play music coming from their heart. The same applies to our new label; catch the soap which prefers more difficult ways of artistic expression. You prefer a label from abroad because it can give your cd in more music stores. But let’s be honest. Nowadays a label of abroad can offer you the same as a serious Greek label. No label of abroad gives you money for a tour or sends you a check every month. Everything depends on the band and to how much they want to work so as to go further. Everything else is insignificant.
8. I Greece you have played live many times. Do you have played in another country? How was the reaction of the people there? Which live moment you won’t forget?
Ilias Apostolakis: Every live show offers explosions of adrenalin in your stomach and you feel more alive than ever. Every live offers you experience if you know where to search. We haven’t play in another country yet but our first tour has been prepared. As I said before, every live is special because of the experiences which offers.
9. It is scheduled that your new album will be released soon. Do you want to tell me something about your new album? How will it sound? Where did you record it, how much time did you have to record it and under which circumstances did you record this album?
Ilias Apostolakis: Our third album is released in December. It’s name is THE GUILT OF FEELING ALIVE and it is an audio recording of things that happens around us without really needing them. It’s a journey through bad experiences which will lead us to catharsis. The sound is that we wanted, giving attention to the compositions and highlighting the sound as sound not as mud. We recorded at a moth studio where we rehearse and that was a big plus because we knew the equipment and the man behind the console. The circumstances were all right and there were many beers, much work and many bullshit coming out of my mouth hahahahaha!!!! As usual!!!
10. Tell me about your future plans about live shows, new releases etc and if you want to say something for the end.
Ilias Apostolakis: The thing that matters to us is to be fine, to play and write music and everything else will come... I want to thank you for the interview and anyone who will waste time to read our views!