Country:United States
Release date:02/04/2009
Label:Forever Plagued Records

Opvs Magnvm

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  • 1.
    What Death Has Fallen03:43
  • 2.
    Wallachia Weywoden03:55
  • 3.
    Ars Moriendi05:09
  • 4.
    Monoliths of Thule04:18
  • 5.
    Lords of the Black Stone03:56
  • 6.
  • 7.
    Opus Magnum05:36
  • 8.
  • 9.
    Triumph des Willens05:05
  • 10.
    Solemnity of Ages04:23

The Review

Tenebrous come from the American underground and they consist of two members quite active in Black Metal, they have participated in well known bands of the U.S.A. like Crimson Moon, Kult ov Azazel etc. Although they were formed in 1998, they have released just two EPs, in 2000 and in 2005, and the full length album “Opvs Magnvm” in 2009. So Opvs Magnvm contains ten compositions, two instrumental tracks and eight compositions of fast Black Metal which combines elements of the American sound (Crimson Moon) with Scandinavian, creating a mysterious and dark atmosphere of magic and occultism.

The main characteristic of Tenebrous is the interesting riffs and that’s why they are in the foreground. Inside the tracks, the riffs change and evolve, so there is always something new that draws your attention. In the album we will find from slow melancholic riffs to chaotic, fast, other times epic but always with that threatening, dark atmosphere lurking in the background. The guitars are clean, played well and with accuracy, they deliver the atmosphere and the feeling perfectly. The bass fills the sound well but its lines can’t be heard clearly while the drums do a very good job both in the slow and in the fast parts. The vocals are somewhere in the middle of harsh Black vocals and whispering, quite monotonous and without expressive possibilities, after some listens, they become boring.

The production is bassy, dark, it helps and highlights the compositions and the atmosphere. The mix is moderate because although the guitars are louder than the rest of the instruments correctly, the bass and the drums are quite low so that their sound becoming muddy and some of their parts are lost. The lyrics are written in English and they narrate dark stories and they deal with magic and occultism.

After eleven years of existence and a lot of experience, the first full album of Tenebrous proves that it worth the wait. Although they could have cared more about the sound, they have done a very good job. “Opvs Magnvm” is a release that you should check out and Tenebrous is a band that deserves your attension.