Arist:The Last Twilight
Release date:07/12/2011
Label:Drakkar Productions

La Octava Copa de Ira

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  • 1.
    Initiation Ceremony05:02
  • 2.
    Angels of Retribution04:31
  • 3.
    The Cup from My Hand, the Sword I Am Sending05:11
  • 4.
  • 5.
    Kneeling Before His Throne05:16
  • 6.
    Death & Descent04:00
  • 7.
    The Grand Evil Conjuration05:20
  • 8.
  • 9.
    Aaxhel Maleficium04:43
  • 10.

The Review

The Last Twilight is a four member band from Spain which in 2003 and has released two demos, two EPs, a split, a live album and a full length. “La Octava Copa de Ira” is their most recent full length album (2012) and it contains ten compositions, three of which are ritualistic ambient intros – passages. Musically, the band moves clearly, to Death Metal. So they play a fast, straightforward Death Metal with a few rhythmic, mid tempo passages. Apart from the ritualistic – occult atmosphere of the intros and the antichristian and occult topics, concerning the lyrics and the layout, other Black elements don’t exist.

The riffs have mach variety, they are technical without overdoing it and in some parts they remind me of Vader. The guitars put out this familiar, massive and heavy Death Metal sound that we’ll find in the most of the Death bands. The drums are well played, fast with many γρήγορα blast bits and Death sound. The bass can’t be heard clearly, but it fills the sound very well. The vocals are heavy Death vocals, they do their job well, but they are not anything special.

The production is clear, bassy, typical Death production which seeks that kind of heavy, massive sound. The mix is very good, every instrument is in the appropriate volume. The lyrics are written in English and narrate occult and dark stories.

I think that The Last Twilight is limited to the million played clichés of the genre so that the personal element to be missing. Whereas the compositions are well structured and well played, they don’t have anything new to offer and they become boring. I wouldn’t suggest you this album. Maybe the Death Metal fans will appreciate it more.