Trollech (Czech Republic) 10/02/2011

From the beautiful and frozen forests of the Czech Republic, Trollech from 1999 give us steadily frostbitten albums of folklore Black Metal. Many people have underestimated them but they are still here after 12 years of presence in the scene, powerful and devoted to their values and beliefs giving to their faithful fans their frostbitten creations. We contacted the basic composer and frontman of the band who answered every question with sincerity and goodwill. Enjoy this interview as much as i did...
1. Hi Asura and thanks for the interview. Could you give me some information about the group. When it was created, about the philosophy behind Trollech and about the members of the band.
Asura: Metal! Jásu! I greet all metalheads! Trollech was founded by me and Morbivod in the May 1999 as a studio project. We have released one demo MC „Dech pohanskych vetru“(1999), five full length albums (Ve hvozdech (2000), Synove lesu (2001), V rachotu hromu (2003), Skryti v mlze (2006), Jasmuz (2010), two 7“ Eps (Tvare stromu (2003), Tumultus (2005), one live recording „Svatoboj“ (2006) and one split CD with band Heiden (2007). Trollech is an expression of our thoughts, attitudes and feelings. It is a picture of our souls – Trollech is our heart pounding. We give all of our craft to create music and words. Trollech is a big part of our life. Maybe it sounds really simply but it is simple. There is not a pose behind it or false face. Nobody give us back the hours in rehearsal room, hours in the recording studio or hours on the road to gigs for all our fans. We love it – that´s it! Trollech is created by me Asura – bass and scream, Morbivod – guitar and scream, Throllmas – guitar and voice, Sheafraidh – drums.
2. You describe your music as "Forest Black Metal" but many say that you are a black metal band with some folk influences. Can you explain me the difference between the two descriptions. Why yours suppose to be more accurate?
Asura: I´ll try it. It happened in the beginnings of the band. A lot of pagan / black / folk metal bands find the inspiration in traditional / folk music and take it from the mythology of their nations. We go the different path. Our lyrics belong to Mother Nature herself particularly to forests and metal music itself. We wanted to be different. From time to time we used a motive from traditional music but still the element of nature rules.
3. Do you write music and lyrics? What's your inspiration to write music and lyrics?
Asura: Yes, I do. I´m inspired by the dark side of Nature and man last time. The long dark shadows of the trunks, blood and death, bones and mankind existence. All of the abomination in our human souls. It reflects in my latest inspiration for music and lyrics.
4. You have released an album in 2010 after 4 years. Are you working on new material at the moment? How will it sound?
Asura: Of course. We have (in this time) some demo recordings and structures of new songs recorded. And as you can read in the answer before, it will be dark material. But still in the music style of Trollech.
5. Do you have plans to release something else (ep, split, live) before you release new material?
Asura: We have some plans to release an EP or split EP. Something like a „tasting“ of new songs. But don´t ask me when because I don´t know it he he he…
6. What kind of music do you listen to?
Asura: Mostly Metal. Metal in various forms – I mean styles. From time to time I listen to ritual or ambient music and/or traditional folk music. But Metal music is my life. Last time I listen to the last album of Enthroned – Pentagrammaton, Immortal – All Shall Fall, Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste, Officium Triste, Kampfar and many others…
7. What's your opinion about the BLACK METAL scene of the Czech Republic? Is there a strong underground scene? Are there any bands you want to suggest me?
Asura: Sincerely – I don´t know if I can still call it Underground Scene. But O.K. Many things have changed but bands stay and play. And it is important. We have a speciality. We have two scenes in one – Czech and Slovak. The scene is not big but in my opinion one of the most productive. And I´m proud to be a part of this. With many bands we cooperate with, plan shows etc. I recommend these hordes: from Black metal: Inferno, Avenger, Maniac Butcher, Master´s Hammer, Dark Storm, Bloody Lair, Naurrakar, Ancestral Volkhves, Pagan Spirit, from Folk Metal: Žrec, Hromovlad, from Death metal:Infer.
8. Are there any bands that you respect for music and/or attitude?
Asura: Yes, of course… I have some „horses“, the bands I really love. One of them are BATHORY and Quorthon - their influence on the metal scene, mainly black metal and pagan metal, is clear. And I also like Qourthon´s passion for music and courage to record „Twilight Of The Gods“ album in the time when thrash and death metal ruled. Among my chosen bands also belong ANCIENT RITES for their unique style of metal and Gunther´s attitudes and knowing of history. Next one is IMMORTAL for their insight, will and originality of Abbath´s voice, lyrics of Demonaz and drum skills of Horgh. MASTER´S HAMMER and their first two albums, the Czech Black Metal legend. WINTER for their fucking dark music, ARAKAIN the first Czech thrash metal band (I like their old material). And many others, bands such as: SODOM, FOREFATHER, KAMPFAR, HELHEIM, ROTTING CHRIST, MASSACRE (US), GODS TOWER, FORGOTTEN WOODS, OBITUARY, AT THE GATES, EDGE OF SANITY, TAAKE and really fucking more he he he…
9. Your lyrics deal with paganism, forest, nature. Are you a Paganist? Which is your life philosophy?
Asura: In my way I call myself a paganist. I like nature, forests and the mysticism behind. Long trips through the forests. I´m interested in history, mythology, old rituals and life in times of Middle Ages and before the Christ. My life philosophy (if we can call it) is „believe“ in trinal – the completion of being. This kind of „believe“ came from old Celtic perception of world, life, death, freedom and universe.
10. What do you think about "religion" in general? Does christianity affect your life?
Asura: I don´t like everything what is mass organized except metal shows he he he... In my opinion one book will not solve the problems of miserable lives of many nor bible, nor koran and/or talmud or another book. Man must search the strength inside of himself to find the balance between dark, light, spirit and body, universe and himself. Man must follow his free heart. I hate these mass religions, the fucking brainwashing of children or handicapped people for money, glory or war. It is simply said because there is not space for longer discussion. And christianity did not, does not, and will not affect my life or attitude.
11. Will you do any more videos?
Asura: I hope so. We plan shoot new video to support our next album. We have not complete visions just an idea. When the right time will come we will shoot new video.
12. Do you have any plans for upcoming live shows?
Asura: We have planed the shows in Germany (Erfurt and Berlin), we have confirmed some summer metal festivals. We are in touch with festival organizers from Serbia and Lithuania. Our plan is just play with the infernal passion, spontaneously crush the fans with our storm he he he...
13. Have you ever played live in Greece? Do you know if you have fans here? Do you like any Greek band?
Asura: No, we have not. We have never played in Greece. But maybe it will change, who knows. I like Rotting Christ mainly their older album which I have in my collection (Satanas Tedeum, Passage to Arcturo, Thy Mighty Contract, Non Serviam, Triarchy of The Lost Lovers, Khronos), Varathron – His Majesty At The Swamp, Thou Art Lord – 7“EP, Septic Flesh, Zephyrous, Nightfall... And openly I don´t know if we have fan(s) in Greece. I hope so. But I remember that I answered an interview for a Greek fanzine 9 years ago. But I don´t remember the name.
14. Tell me your near future plans with the band and if you want to say something for conclusion.
Asura: Record new material and video clip. Release some EP or single before regular album. Play good gigs with great fans and bands. Thank you (Efcharistó) for interview, support and place to introduce TROLLECH to metalheads in Greece. Write us for whatever you are interested, visit our website and support METAL! Take care, maniacs!