Tyrant's Blood (Canada) 10/01/2011

A quite new band from Canada but with members of great experience. The best extreme metal musicians of Canada gathered together to attack us with their extreme black/death metal. We contacted Marco Banco, the guitar player and composer of the group, and we had a really interesting conversation about the past, the present and of course the future of Tyrant's Blood!
1. Hi Tyrant's Blood thanks for the interview. Give me some information about the band. How do you find the progress of the band during the 4 years of its existence?
Marco Banco: We are pleased with the progression up to now, but of course we wish to move forward with a new album in the new year. We are almost ready to begin recording once again, perhaps March we will start to lay down drum tracks. As a group and individually we are never going to be fully satisfied I believe because there will always be something more to conquer.
2. Every member of the band participates or participated in other projects. Do you want to tell me something about those other groups and how that affects Tyrant's Blood?
Marco Banco: Everything other members have done effect the band in one form or another, whether it be writing or philosophy. For instance Brian Messiah stay with Infernal Majesty improved his vocals and gave him a different approach to writing, whereas before he was limited, he now has some of the technique used by a more classic death metal style. Vinnie’s bass and vocal skills are very intense from years of extreme progressive death metal that he did with his former group Omega Crom. Matt Blood’s drums come from years of excellent grindcore style with Abuse. Of course my skills are derived from speed metal with Witches Hammer and old Black/death style with Blasphemy. All these combined bring together our unique approach to our sound.
3. Marco, you participated in Blasphemy and Thor two legendary bands of Canada. Can you describe me that experience?
Marco Banco: Blasphemy was easy for me to be involved with as I had known them for the few years they had been a group. I had sat in on their early rehearsals a few times and was impressed by their style. When I was with Witches Hammer we wanted to bring them into the forefront of our city’s scene and so in 1988 we gave them their first show, a year later Witches Hammer called it a day and that week I replaced the Insane Black Priest who had left due to his psychotic state. The 3.5 years with Blasphemy were interesting and life changing as we were very young and very violent at the time. My time with Thor was only 1 day he asked me to help him out, I had been a fan of When the Gods Collide and was very impressed with the opportunity, but 1 day with the mighty Thor has somehow made me a former member.
4. Let's return to Tyrant's Blood. Can you describe your sound to someone that hasn't listened to your music? You play really extreme music. How was that revealed?
Marco Banco: It is a culmination of our lifetime in the most extreme of musical style , if you take Blasphemy, abuse Witches Hammer and Infernal Majesty, throw that together you get Tyrant’s Blood, aggression, violence and always intensity. This lifestyle is in the blood and after time it becomes such a part of your existence that it becomes as breathing.
5. How do you get inspired to compose music and write lyrics? What themes do you deal with?
Marco Banco: Everything inspires that has a theme suited to us Satanic, Demonic, war, occult, maniacs, heathenism, destruction, apocalyptic vision, the old classic horror movies and old books all the things that we are into.
6. You have released one album and one split during 2010. Are you working at the moment on new material? When do you plan to release a new album?
Marco Banco: The new album will be released this year sometime, we will begin around March.
7. What do you think about BLACK METAL scene and generally Metal scene in Canada? What about the underground scene? Are there any group that you want to suggest to me?
Marco Banco: BLACK METAL for me has become a bit too glamorized and popular although i see this warning and i am very glad for that, the bastardization of artistry and style sickens me however the groups that come through are excellent and there are some great groups writing fantastic music.
8. What kind of music do you listen to?
Marco Banco: Anything that i hear that i like, personally, metal will always be mt musical style, however, i do not limit myself to it these days.
9. Are there any bands that you respect for music and/or attitude?
Marco Banco: I respect those bands that are true to there conviction. Mystifier are very true in their nature, impiety also, Nifelheim is another band with great attitude.
10. What is 'religion' for you in general and what role plays in your everyday life? Do you follow any philosophical path or 'religion' or do you practice magic?
Marco Banco: I am atheist in that i do not believe in religious christian dogma or any fucked up islamic shit. I believe there is much more behind this dimension, i believe we will be revealed to all things eventually, but this is based on personal experience, not biblical nonsense.
11. Have you ever played live in Europe? Do you know if you have fans in Greece? Have you ever visited Greece? What is the relationship with Almighty Sathanas? Do you like any Greek band?
Marco Banco: No we have not, but we ant to soon, we have been offered, but so far not such good thing, we have played South America and want very much to play Greece, Italy and Japan and all Europe and the world. We have some fans in Greece and people i have corresponded with for many years. For me Varathron is always going to be my all time favorite group.
12. Tell me about your plans about new releases and live shows and something for conclusion.
Marco Banco: In March we will begin to record the 3rd album and possible a split or 2 also. There are plans to release a live album in a year. Tyrant's Blood are dedicated to all fire breathers, witches, Satanic skinheads, destroyers, usurpers of religion and society's cage, fuck the lies, impose your will, fear nothing and burn the walls that imprison you asunder.