Release date:22/02/2012
Label:Mortis Humanae Productions
Limitation:100 copies


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    Ihmiskunnan viimeinen laulu03:23
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The Review

Uhriristi is a four – member band which come from Finland and was formed in 2011. “Petetty” released in 2011 and it is their first job in demo format which contains four tracks of duration of fifteen minutes. The music that Uhriristi present us in this album is a combination of melodic with fast, Scandinavian Black Metal and a lot of atmospheric passages.

The tracks, although they have the same personal identity which links them in this album, are divided in two parts. “Ristikansa” and “Petetty” are fast and powerful tracks in which the use of keyboards is limited and remains in the background. On the contrary, “Ikiuni” and “Ihmiskunnan Viimeinen Laulu” are melodic tracks which are based in the atmosphere that they create, in some parts they remind me of Paradise Lost, they don’t have any fast parts and the keyboards play the leading role.

The tracks’ structure and the variety of the riffing are quite interesting. The guitars are heavy but clean and deliver the tracks’ feeling very well. The bass and the drums are played quite well but without having anything special. The keyboards are heavy, atmospheric and interesting apart from some parts that they sound quite silly. The vocals are harsh, typical Black Metal vocals, they add power to the tracks.

The production is bassy and clean, its goal is to highlight the compositions’ atmosphere, something that is achieved very well. The mix is quite good as every instrument is heard clearly without one covering the other. The lyrics are written in Finnish and I don’t know what they deal with.

In general “Petetty” is not addressed to the every Black Metal fan. Maybe many won’t like it because of the intense use of the keyboards. However it is a good release which combines influences with personal identity. Give it a chance.