Release date:25/06/2019
Label:Sun & Moon Records

Survival Is a Myth

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  • 1.
    Vertical Lines06:54
  • 2.
    A New Anthem07:43
  • 3.
    Foul Gathering08:17

The Review

Undoer is a talented trio which comes from Turkey and it exists since 2017. A few months after the release of “Survival Is a Myth” into digital form, in June of 2019 the physical form of the album is released into an elegant digipak packaging by Sun & Moon Records. The album is the first release of the band, which consists of three tracks of overall duration of about twenty-three minutes. Despite the small number of tracks, this work can give us a satisfying depiction for the quality and the talent of the band as also their personality that it seems to be present.

So, their music is a blend of violent, powerful and massive Black Metal, with very dark melodies and in a lot of parts, depressive approach. The massive but also melodic compositions reminded me of Watain, as also Satyricon, while in some parts they showed some influences from Dodheimsgard too. Into the more depressing parts, they use slow, clean guitars and dark, ugly melodies that they may remind you of the style of the melodies of Xasthur. The characteristic that makes the band to stand out, is the way that the compositions escalate. Each track has its own life. It is a unique trip throughout chaos and violence, going through various fluctuations of emotions and mood, you reach the pick of the escalation, which offers you a very redemptive ending of this journey. The tracks don’t follow any standard pattern, they evolve and mature like an independent organism. For sure nothing is left to chance. The band has worked a lot in order to create very interesting compositions, they achieve maintain the listener’s interest high, with intensive passages and bridges that they lead you to the maximum level of the climax smoothly. The only negative element that someone could say, would be that some of those passages last a little longer than they should so maybe there the listener gets a little lost, but the song will regain the listener’s attention immediately with the next change.

The good job continues both into the instrument’s performance as also into the orchestration and the production. The guitars are flawless, they deliver with absolute accuracy every sound, every little detail while they don’t lack of passion and feeling. The bass is powerful and dirty, it fills the compositions and it supports the guitars correctly. Moreover, the drums deliver their complex and demanding lines with stability, passion, intensity and accuracy. The vocals are harsh, devilish Black Metal vocals, that they give a nice performance with much feeling. What made a very good impression to me and makes the experience complete are the lyrics. They are written in English and unfortunately, they are not contained into the cd, something that would be nice. If you read them, you will understand that they are sophisticated, with wider range of wonderings and concerns about different faces of the world, they follow a more abstract way of writing which lets the listener live the journey that the band is offering, based on his personal experiences and images. Someone who will read them could travel through thoughts and be concerned over politics, society or religion. Personally, they gave me images about the oppression by the structures and the prominent personalities of a society, either from politics or from religion.

Surely, “Survival Is a Myth” is a very good work. The very few negative elements that the compositions have, cannot ruin the journey that the band is offering with each of their tracks to the listener. The track that I distinguished is “A New Anthem”. Especially, those of you who like the bands mentioned above and you like to make your music journey complete by reading well-written lyrics, it worth to give them your attention.