Release date:01/01/2011
Label:Schattenkult Produktionen
Limitation:100 copies

Redemption of the Soul

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  • 1.
    Religious Disputes04:47
  • 2.
  • 3.
    Incubus Convultions06:37
  • 4.
    Howling by Dawn02:06
  • 5.
    Reach the End03:28
  • 6.
    Nighttime Depression09:17

The Review

Redemption of the soul is the first Veintears’ album, quite new (2009) band from Thessaloniki. Starting with the cover, I understood that the band is oriented to depressing Black Metal. Indeed, my hypothesis was correct. By the first notes of the album, the band shows that they want to fill the listener with nihilistic feelings about life and suicidal tendencies.

Their sound reminded me of the classic DSBM groups (especially Xasthur and Sillencer) but without copying their influences. In the album both with the slow parts, there are also the rhythmic – mid paced tracks and some fast chaotic passages. There are changes in the riffs of every track but they are mainly based in simple riffs without giving as much importance to the compositions’ complexity as in creating intensive emotions. The drums although they are well – played, their sound is dry and they don’t give depth to the tracks. For that I blame the almost non – existing bass. The voice appears different depending on the part and the feeling. The singer sometimes spits and vomits rage, sometimes delivers depression with monotonous harsh vocals and sometimes despair – desperation with shrilled vocals (like Sillencer). The keyboards of the album exist in specific parts of the tracks and their role is clearly to intensify the emotions. The production helps the guitars and the keyboards as you don’t miss any note, but about the bass and drums, the sound has neither power nor depth. Unfortunately there are no lyrics with the album so I just imagine that they would match the music, depressing – suicidal.

Generally the album is interesting although it is quite underrated because of the production. The band gave us the album for downloading from our page. Listen to it and support the band because they have done a good job.