Arist:Vergine Stuprata
Release date:01/01/2013


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  • 1.
    Eterno olocausto03:10
  • 2.
    Demoniac Possession03:46
  • 3.
    Total Desecration04:26
  • 4.
  • 5.
    Rape! Rape! Rape!05:36
  • 6.
  • 7.
    Blitz Krieg02:06

The Review

Two years after the release of their first demo, which created expectations, the trio from neighboring Italy with the blasphemous name Vergine Stuprata, returns with its first full length album. So, “Jungfernkuss” contains seven compositions of total duration of about thirty minutes. The four of the seven tracks were included also in their demo with very different production, mixture and slightly changed regarding the composing of the tracks. Concerning the music orientation of the band not much have changed since the previous release that they had presented to us. So, here the listener will listen to old school, raw Thrash/Black Metal, played with a lot of energy and passion.

The riffs are fast, thrashy, but the brutal, threatening Black Metal riff which make the atmosphere darker, are present too. Also the listener will come across a lot of mid and slow tempo passages that they make the atmosphere heavier, almost unbearable. The tracks are quite sort in duration, exactly as that kind of tracks should be, so as not to become tedious for the listener and to leave a nice feeling as soon as they finish and that makes the listener want to listen to them again. Overall the riffs are quite interesting although they don’t have anything new to present, nor are they distinguished by their complexity. What someone could mention maybe would be the fact that some riffs are quite alike concerning the technic that they have been composed, something that didn’t annoy me as it is almost unnoticeable.

Regarding the instruments, they have done a very nice job. The guitars have heavy, dirty sound, while they are played with accuracy, without mistakes and with much passion. The lines of the bass aren’t audible enough but it fills the sound very well very well giving depth to the compositions. The drums are played with comfort, they give the robustness and stability that the drums must give. Their lines mainly are fast and brutal although in some parts they seemed to me quite repetitive, something that didn’t annoy me. The awesome vocals are harsh, heavy Black Metal vocals, very expressive, full of anger and power. Something that is quite different from the demo is the production and the mixture. The band has improved very much both the production and the mixture so that the sound to be clean, as bassy as it should be, solid and powerful. The lyrics are not contained in the cd, they are written in English and by the titles of the tracks I understand that they are profane, antichristian, simple and straightforward as the lyrics of the old school were.

“Jungfernkuss” is a good album for what it is and what it offers. Here you won’t find any complex riffs or sophisticated way of playing. Vergine Stuprata offer straightforward, staggering, old school Thrash/Black, nothing less nothing more and they do it quite well. This album surely will excite all those who like the energy and the rage of Thrash combined with the darkness and the blasphemy of the raw straightforward Black Metal. It worth the listen.