Arist:Vergine Stuprata
Release date:01/11/2011
Limitation:66 copies

Preparing for the Assault of Bethlehem

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  • 1.
    Demoniac Possession05:33
  • 2.
    Preparing for the Assault of Bethlehem04:26
  • 3.
    Total Desecration04:40
  • 4.
    Eterno olocausto03:29
  • 5.

The Review

In fact Vergine Stuprata is the new project band of the two key members, Boia and Jevàl, of Morbid Pest, a band which made me a very good impression with its last demo. “Preparing for the Assault of Bethlehem” is the first demo of that new band which consists of only two members. The demo begins with an intro which reminds of latin christian chanting. It is followed by five tracks of primitive, fast and brutal Black Metal with heavy thrash – punk elements. The demo ends, also with a christian song serving as an outro.

The tracks don’t have big differences between them as the compositions are moving pretty much around the same motif. The riffs are fast and brutal in most of the album with a lot of thrash elements. When I mentioned above of punk elements I meant the repetitive rhythm and the punk evolvement from the main riff to the refrain’s riff and from refrain to the first riff. That kind of tracks’ structure, combined with the riffs’ brutality, reminded me of Von but without so much monotony. In every track there is a passage either slower either rhythmic thrash. The guitars and the bass are well played but without anything that worth to be mentioned. The drums’ lines from the other hand, although there are no mistakes, are very simple and minimal in a level that I would expect something more. The vocals are very grim, primitive Black Metal vocals which fit with the music perfectly and give an even more harsh style to the demo. Although there are no lyrics in the album, both the music and the vocals provoke hatred and total blasphemy. I believe that is the only purpose of the band, something that should appear in the lyrics, the desecration of anything holy.

The production is dirty, bassy but it doesn’t make the listen difficult, instead it fits with the demo’s style perfectly. Concerning the mix, the guitars and the vocals are higher, whereas the drums and the bass even more, although they are there, in many parts are covered by the guitar and vocals thus they can’t be heard clearly.

Generally “Preparing for the Assault of Bethlehem” hasn’t anything new to offer. That thing that it can offer is half an hour of head banging. For sure music for head banging when is done well, and Vergine Stuprata does that well, is very important. For that the demo represents, it’s a good effort and it worth the listen.